While using Belkin router which troubleshooting steps should be followed for scenario based errors? 

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Are you experiencing multiple scenario based errors while using your Belkin router with other compatible devices? If yes, then here’s the procedure that might prove to be helpful in troubleshooting and fixing those errors.

While using Belkin routers users may come across multiple scenario based errors. These errors include “Unable to Beam,” “Unable to locate media player,” “ADSL not connected,” etc. Here’s the set of troubleshooting steps for all of these scenario based errors. 

  1. Error stating “Unable to Beam” while using MediaPlay: This kind of error occurs if the content being accessed is not available in the format supported by the media player being used. It can also occur if the streaming device and media player being used are not connected to a common internet network. The troubleshooting procedure for this error will vary as per the operating system of the streaming device. So, on the basis of your device operating system kindly refer to the listed troubleshooting steps.

For iOS based device, kindly refer to the following steps:

  • Go to device menu and tap on the “Settings” icon.
  • If the device is using Wi-Fi networks then its network name will shown under Wi-Fi section. 
  • In case no Wi-Fi network is being used then click on the Wi-Fi button and try to connect by clicking on the network name. Make sure the Wi-Fi network you are connecting with is the same Wi-Fi network to which the media player is connected.

In case of Android device, users may go through the following steps:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Click on the option for “wireless & networks.”
  • Click on “Wi-Fi Setting” tab.
  • The Wi-Fi network being used will show up. If a user is not connected to any of the Wi-Fi networks then connect to the network ID to which the media play device is already connected.
  1. Error stating “Unable to locate media player” within the available list of devices: This error can occur while using Belkin MediaPlay application. This app allows users to stream all of their media files to other devices available under the network. While using this application, it shows the list of available compatible DLNA & Airplay devices. In case, your media play device is not being detected or displayed under the device list then kindly go through the following set of troubleshooting steps.
  • Check and ensure the media server and player both are using same internet network.
  • Try to reset the media server by switching to OFF state and then turning it back to ON state after few minutes.
  • Confirm the compatibility of media player and the server by checking their user manual or getting in touch with its manufacturer. 
  • Try to restart your MediaPlay application.

If the MediaPlay app is being used on Android based device then kindly go through the following steps for resetting the MediaPlay application.

  • Open the settings menu by clicking on the icon for it.
  • Click on the Applications tab available within the settings menu.
  • Tap once on the option to manage applications.
  • Locate the MediaPlay application and click on it.
  • The application details along with few setting tabs will show up on the screen. There, click on the button for “Force Stop.”
  • A prompt will show up on the screen. So, click on the “OK” button. 

 If MediaPlay app is being used on iOS based device then kindly refer to the following steps for resetting the app.

  • Double touch the “Home” button.
  • Touch the “Media play” application and hold it till the minus sign(-) like icon is displayed on the screen.
  • Click in the minus sign (-) icon for MediaPlay application.
  • The MediaPlay app will be eliminated and it won’t show under the list of running apps. After this, users can reinstall the app and check if the issue is resolved.  
  1. Error stating “ADSL not connected” to Belkin router or modem: ADSL is referred to as an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber line that facilitates internet network connectivity with the help of telephone lines. Ideally, ADSL errors can be experienced in two cases during the installation of Belkin Modem or router. First one is when Belkin modem or router is not receiving internet network. Second one is when there is connectivity issue with the phone jack. In both the cases users may refer to the following set of steps for troubleshooting the ADSL not connected error.
  • Check and ensure your phone cable cord from Belkin modem or router is securely connected with the phone jack that supports internet. 
  • If the Phone jack being used for Belkin modem/router is being shared with another landline phone with the help a splitter then try to replace that regular splitter by another filter-splitter. 
  • In case the issue is still not resolved then users should try using ADSL filter. Many of the users might have received it from their internet service provider. The error can be fixed by placing the ADSL filter between the landline phone and phone jack. After following all the listed troubleshooting steps if you still experience “ADSL not connected” error message then kindly get in touch with the respective internet service providing team for advanced technical support.For more information go to Belkin WiFi Extender Setup.


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