What key things a user must know about F9K1015 Belkin Wi-Fi Extender Setup?

Belkin WiFi Extender Setup

Knowing F9K1015 Belkin extender includes introduction to its hardware details, its minimum system requirements, behavior of LED lights, various troubleshooting techniques and its warranty period. All of these parameters have been listed here at a single place to promote better understanding.

  1. Knowing Belkin F9K1015 Wi-Fi range extender: This Belkin extender helps in increasing the 2.4 GHz of network range of any of your existing routers. It proves to be helpful in removing dead spots within the existing Wi-Fi network. This Belkin extender model can be easily configured wirelessly as well as can be mounted on a wall using wall mount. For detailed information about this extender kindly visit Belkin Extender Setup support page.
  2. Things included within Belkin F9K1015 setup kit: Its complete setup package includes one F9K1015 Belkin range extender, Self installation guide and a user manual within the CD.
  3. System requirements for operating Belkin F9K1015: It uses Wi-Fi technology 802.11b/g/n. Operating systems like windows XP 32 bit having service pack 3 or more, Mac operating system with version 10.5 or above, 32 bit or 64 bit windows vista and windows 7 are proven to be compatible with this range extender. It works well with browsers like Internet explorer version 7 or more, Firefox browser, Google Chrome and Safari.
  4. LED light indications: The status LED light is present on the front part of this range extender bellow the Belkin logo. Following is the list of behaviors shown by this LED light.
  • OFF state: If the LED light is OFF then it means the Range extender is not receiving power supply.
  • Beeping Blue: The beeping of LED light in blue color indicates that the extender is powering ON.
  • Steady Blue: If the LED light is glowing steady blue in color, then it means the range extender is in good connection with any of the Wi-Fi networks available around.
  • Beeping Orange: The beeping of LED light in orange color indicates that the range extender is unable to connect with any of the Wi-Fi networks available around.
  • Steady Orange: The steady glowing of LED light in orange color indicates that the range extender is receiving weak or slow network signals.
  • Simultaneously beeping blue & orange: If the LED beeps simultaneously blue and orange in color then it means the extender is all set to be configured.
  1. Initial configuration: Belkin F9K1015 range extender can be configured wirelessly without the using an Ethernet cable. Before proceeding with the setup procedure users must have the network ID and password for their Wi-Fi network. In case of dual band router, the network ID and password will be required for another band as well. For extender setup users will have to visit its web setup page i.e. http://belkin.range by typing it as URL in the search space.
  2. Supported security type: This Belkin extender supports 256 bit WPATM /WPA2TM and 64/128-bit WEP type of encryption.  Users can ensure the security by setting up a password for 8-63 characters long.
  3. Troubleshooting techniques for Belkin F9K1015 range extender: Following is the list of troubleshooting techniques that users must go through in case any issue arises with Belkin Wi-Fi Extender Setup.
  • If the extender is not being detected then check and ensure your Belkin extender is connected to a working power outlet and is in Power ON state.
  • If an error occurs while initially configuring the Belkin router then try to ensure the extender is placed within the coverage range of existing wireless internet network. If the issue still persists then try to reset the extender.
  • If the extender is unable to locate and connect with the Wi-Fi, then make sure that no obstructing object is placed within the network and extender is positioned within the coverage range of your Wi-Fi.
  • If an error occurs at the time of initial setup or while accessing the Belkin web setup page then try to reset your network range extender to its factory default settings.
  1. Belkin extender firmware update: The firmware version of Belkin extender can be updated by accessing the web setup page of Belkin. For detailed firmware update procedure, users may refer to the information shared on Belkin N300 Setup Support page.
  2. Special features of Belkin F9K1015 network extender: This extender features a WPS button which is located on its above surface. The status of WPS LED light has been described as follows:
  • If the WPS LED light is in OFF state then it indicates that there is no WPS connectivity.
  • If the WPS LED is beeping blue in color then it means that the range extender is trying to locate WPS enabled devices.
  • The beeping of WPS LED in solid blue color indicates that your network extender has securely established connectivity with WPS supporting devices.
  • The beeping of WPS LED light in orange color indicates that the connectivity has yet not been established.

The F9K1015 network extender features 802.11e/ WMM Quality of Service (QoS). For enhanced performance users must let this feature remain in enabled state.

So these were few things every Belkin F9K1015 network extender user must know before using it. This extender comes with a 2 year warranty. So if required, users can get it repaired or replaced within the given time period.

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