What is parental control feature of Belkin Router and how it can be implemented?

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Parental control feature of Belkin router provides its users a way to limit the access for particular web pages and devices available under the Wi-Fi network. The access can be restricted and scheduled. For detailed explanation kindly refer to the complete information shared here. 

The access to all the devices and websites listed under Belkin can be limited with the help of Parental control feature of Belkin routers.  In order to limit the access users may either completely restrict or schedule the access to internet network. The access can be restricted or scheduled for all devices and for few particular devices as well. 

The parental control feature may not work in case of following situation. So users must ensure that none of the following conditions exist. 

  • One must ensure the device is not receiving internet through Virtual Private network and is not transferring traffic via proxy server.
  • Users must ensure no previously accessed web page information is still saved to the device cache memory.    
  • The DNS server should not be not be setup manually.

Now, if you wish to use this feature of your Belkin router then here’s the step wise procedure for enabling parental control:

Steps for turning ON the parental control feature:

  1. Open any of the updated web browsers available on your computer of internet connected mobile phone. 
  2. If this URL does not work then try using the IP address: as the URL. In case users have made changes to the routers default URL settings then they will have to use the new URL configured by them.
  3. One the Belkin router’s dashboard opens up on the screen, locate the “Parental Control” button and click on it. If the “Parental Control” button is not available directly on the screen then users may first go to the “Advanced Settings” and then find the “Parental control” button under it. 
  4. A list of parental control options will show up on the screen. There click on the option for “Parental Internet Control.”
  5. The authentication dialog box will open up on the screen. There submit the password for connecting to router and click on the “Let Me in” button. After submitting the password the server will verify the details and let you login if the credentials are found to be correct.
  6. Once the Parental Internet control window opens up, users can either block or schedule the access to internet network as well as the devices listed under the same Wi-Fi network. 
  7. In order to block and unblock the access users may simply toggle its switch to Blocked or Unblocked state as per their requirements.
  8. For scheduling the internet access for few particular days or weekends, users may Schedule the access to internet. Following are the steps for scheduling the access to internet.
  • Browse the Belkin Dashboard b. If the URL is inaccessible then try to access the dashboard by using the IP address: 
  • Soon as the dashboard opens up, click on the button labeled as “Parental Internet Control.”
  • Soon as the Login dialog box appears on the screen, submit the password and click on the “Let me in!” button.
  • Now wait till the entire list of devices registered under the network becomes available.
  • Locate the Arrow in front of the device for which the access needs to be scheduled.
  • Click inside the check box labeled as “Schedule Internet Access” to enable it.
  • Click on the drop down menu available in front of “From” and “To.” Choose the particular time spam for how long the internet access needs to be granted to that respective device. For example the access can be granted for few specific week days or for all the weekend days.
  •  After specifying the time period users may click on the “Save” button. All the changes made for scheduled internet access will be saved. To confirm the Scheduled access users may check if the clock like icon is available in front of the device name for which the schedule has been set up. The clock like icon confirms that the schedule has been applied successfully. 

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