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How To Install Belkin Surge Protector?

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The Belkin 4-Socket Surge Protector is popularly used to provide safety and security to your appliances from the issue of power-rises. It is helpful in resisting energy shocks that are responsible for harmful effects to your different devices on a frequent basis. If you want to know about the basic installation steps for the Belkin […]

Belkin n300 Setup

What is Global Router Market 2018 saying?

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The global Router market report is a significant structure regarding the partition of the Router market, where each of these segments is consistently advancing that has been inspecting via Router examination. The market has analyzed the size of all the divided parts along with all the sub-parts. Now, let’s have a look at the discussion […]

Belkin n300 Wifi Range Extender

How to Solve the Troubleshooting Problems while Accessing

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Belkin router’s default IP address is and it’s used to access the built-in web page (setup page) of this particular router through which users can easily personalize their settings, as per the convenience. But, if you encounter troubleshooting difficulties in times of accessing the IP address, then you should follow the instruction of […]