How to update the firmware for Belkin N300 Setup?

Belkin n300 Setup

Have you set up a belkin router for accessing internet? If, yes you might be experiencing good internet speed but in order to continue this kind of service you need to ensure the firmware of belkin is always updated. Now, if you are looking to update the firmware of your belkin router then kindly go through this small guide for updating your belkin router.

Firmware of Belkin router plays an important role in its proper functioning. A belkin with outdated firmware won’t be able to perform efficiently and might lead to poor network coverage. So it is advised to keep on updating the firmware whenever there is an update available for belkin. One can easily look for an update on the official website of belkin and get belikn updated themselves without the help of any technical expert. Just go through the following procedure to self update the firmware of belkin router.

Belkin N300 Router Setup steps for updating the firmware of belkin router:

  1. Verify the model number and the version of belkin: You can find the model number and version of your belkin from the label available behind the router. It will be declared in front of “Model:” and will be a combination of upper case alphabets and numbers.
  2. Download the latest version of firmware available: Prior to the installation of an update we have to download the file for most recent version of firmware available till that date. You should visit the official website of belkin to find the latest version of firmware. In case you are unable to download the firmware of your router then ensure you are using the latest version of web browser.
  3. Installing the latest version of firmware: A web based setup page will be used for installing the firmware of a belkin router. Kindly refer to the following step wise procedure for installing the latest firmware:
  • Open any of the web browser and type in the default IP of belkin router as URL. Its default IP is as
  • Wait till the setup page opens up. Once it loads up, locate the option for “Login” and click on it.
  • You will be directed to sign in page where you will have to type in the password for the belkin router. In case you don’t know the password and you haven’t made any changes to the default settings of your router then you can leave the space for password as blank. Don’t type anything in the password blank and click on “Submit” button.
  • Locate the option labeled as “Utilities” in the navigation panel present on left side. Under Utilities you will find an option for “Firmware Update” so click on it.
  • A dialog box for firmware update will open up. There will be an option to “Browse” in front of “Update Firmware” option. So click on “Browse” button and locate the downloaded file of latest firmware that you saved earlier in step 2. You can easily locate that file in the “Downloads” folder of your computer.
  • While browsing, choose the saved firmware update file and click on the option to “Open.” The name of the file will be saved according to the model of belkin router.
  • Now, click on button for “Update.”
  • A prompt message will show up, saying: “Are you sure you want to continue with upgrading?”  There click on the option for “OK.”
  • After this an informational prompt will show up, informing you about the paused functionality of router for a minute after the update is completed. So click on “OK” for this prompt as well.
  • While the update goes on ensure the internet connection is not interrupted as well as the belkin router is not un-plugged in any case.
  • Soon as the update will be complete, you will find a message on screen saying: “Applying changes please wait” followed by remaining time needed for making the changes.
  • After the update is complete the router will reboot. So click on “OK” once rebooting is completed.

So, this was how one can update the firmware of belkin router. In case, you are unable to perform the update then try to repeat the same procedure through any other computer system or browser. If the issue still persists then kindly visit belkin router or Belkin Setup support for its troubleshooting procedure.

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