How To Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues While Belkin Range Extender Setup?

Are you suffering from connectivity issues with belkin range extender? If yes, then here is the solution for this along with the list of reasons that lead to such connectivity issues. Kindly refer to the following step wise procedure to self troubleshoot the belkin extender connectivity issues without the need of any technical assistance. 

Although installing a belkin Wi-Fi range extender is quite simple and easy still while installing a belkin router few users might face connectivity issues. So, in order to address this concern here we have list of reasons that lead to this connectivity issue and how one can troubleshoot them. At present, if you are suffering from connectivity issues with belkin range extender then please refer to the following troubleshooting steps and reasons behind it.

If ever you face connectivity issues while installation then ensure that the Belkin range extender is powered ON. It is because it becomes difficult for router to communicate with Belkin N300 Wi Fi Range Extender when the devices are not receiving power from any working electric power source.

  • If both the belkin router and range extender are powered ON still they are unable to communicate or connect then both of them should be reset. Resetting the device will configure them back to default factory settings. Reset can be done in two ways i.e. soft reset and hard reset. To soft reset the devices you can press and release the reset button after a minimum of 10 seconds. The reset button is usually available behind the router and range extender. To hard reset the devices you can disconnect them from the main power source by plugging out the main power cord and then connecting back the devices after 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Try to ensure that the belkin range extender was installed correctly and in case of installation doubts try to reconfigure your belkin range extender.
  • If your belkin range extender is unable to establish connection with wireless internet network then try to remove other physical objects & electronic appliance available around. It is because the presence of large physical objects & electronic appliance around the extender can weaken the internet signal strength. Other than this, there could be many more reasons that cause poor wireless internet connectivity. Few of them are listed under long with their solutions:
  • Wrong Wi-Fi settings: The Wi-Fi network settings of the belkin range extender must be similar to the Wi-Fi setting of belkin router. In case the settings are not similar the devices won’t be able to connect to wireless network.  So if the settings are not similar get them configured at same.
  • Network range issues: Both the belkin router and extender work on radio technology. So, whenever the distance between belkin router and range extender is increased they are unable to communicate with each other. In short, the connectivity increases when the router and extender are close to each other and the connectivity decreases when they get farther from one another. So try to do your Belkin WiFi Extender Setup confirming to this rule.
  • Congestion in the Network: Check whether multiple numbers of electronic devices are using the internet from same wireless network. If yes, then try to disconnect few un-necessary devices from your Wi-Fi network. It will reduce the network connection and thus help in establishing good connection.
  • Outdated version of firmware: Check whether the firmware of your belkin router and Wi-Fi range extender is updated or not. In case the firmware is found to be outdated then get the devices updated with the most recent version of firmware available online.
  • Wireless electronic interferences: Keep the router and range extender away from electronic devices that create interferences. It can be devices like Microwaves, Mobile phones, Bluetooth devices etc.

That’s all about troubleshooting connectivity issues related to Belkin WiFi Range Extender and router. Hope you find all the steps precise and easy to perform. If ever you wish to have more such help steps and procedures then kindly refer to all our previous posts and upcoming posts as well.


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