How to solve printer connectivity issues with Belkin Setup?

Are you unable to connect the printer with Belkin? If yes, then here we have a solution for it. There could be several reasons behind this connectivity issues but merely going through few simple Belkin Setup steps will address the concern within no time.

Belkin being one of the best routers offers quite strong wireless internet networks. Due to its strong connectivity over larger areas it can be used to connect several computers and printers together with each other. On an average or regular basis there is almost no or minimal chance of facing any issue with Belkin. Still, there’s a time when people come across few challenges while connecting their printers to belkin routers. So to address this concern here we have a list of few trouble shooting steps that will quick fix the printer connectivity issues with Belkin. Kindly go through them to solve all connectivity issues between printer and Belkin.

  • Power cycle the Computer, printer and Belkin Router:  Plug out the power cords from the equipments and leave them like that for 5-10 minutes. Connect back the power cords after 5-10 minutes are over. Now, power on the switches and wait for the devices to come ON correctly. Once all of them are ON try using the printer and check if the issue persists or not.
  • Update the firmware of your printer and router: Uninstall the drivers of your Printer and download the most recent version of printer Drivers available online. You can easily avail the latest one from the official website of your printer. Repeat the same procedure with belkin router. Go to its settings menu and look for firmware update if there is any update available, then get your belkin updated with that.
  • Try to connect manually with the internet network: Disconnect from the internet network and try connecting again manually.  Open the settings for your Printer and go to the option for “Network Settings.” There click on “WLAN Network” and locate your network name.
  • Ensure both printer and computer is within the range of your belikn WiFi. In case you realize that the range of your belkin router should be increased they opt out for a belkin range extender. Shop it and go through all the Belkin Setup to increase the area of your WiFi.
  • Click on the network name and enter the password to Connect with your belkin wireless network.
  • Ensure you enter the Password correctly as it can be a reason for connectivity issues. If ever you don’t remember the password then visit and sign in with the help of default Password. Once you are logged in change the Password for your belkinWiFi as per your requirements.
  • Inspect the Firewall Settings of your computer and ensure that it is not causing any hindrance to printers while connecting to your computer.
  • If possible try using WPS suit for your Belkin Router as well as Printer. It might resolve the issue by facilitating a compatible environment.

Once you have followed all the above listed steps, the printer connectivity issue might get resolved. Still in case the issue persists then try to contact the manufacturer of your printer as well reach out for belkin setup support. If possible take both of your devices to nearest service center and get them checked to ensure there is no hardware or software issue with your device. If there would be an issue with hardware of your devices the service center team will get it fixed for you.

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