How To Setup Or Reset The Range Extender From Belkin?

If you and your entire family are using internet facility, then you should have one top-class Wi-Fi range extender device. Belkin range extender is among the top-notch range extenders for its brilliant features and functionalities. Now, if you want to set or reset your Belkin range extender device, then follow the post below. 

The Belkin N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender works with a range of at most 5,000 square feet. And the best part is that it is capable of eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots in a place and also extending the Wi-Fi coverage to rooms, where there is no wireless signal.

You just have to plug your range extender device into any power outlet, and then follow the prompted instructions to start it in a few minutes.

How to reset your Belkin Range Extender?

You have to perform the following steps for resetting your Belkin Range Extender:

First, you need to power ON the Range Extender device and allow it for some time. Then, you have to find out the circular button that is marked “Reset” on the back part of your router.

Next, you need to make use of a paperclip or pin and then click the “Reset” button.

Next, you need to hold the “Reset” button down for the duration of 10 seconds. And then you have to release the button.

Now, wait for one minute so that your range extender device can be fully rebooted and restored the factory setting.

After completing the resetting of your range extender device, just restart it.

How to install Belkin Range Extender?

The process of Belkin Range Extender Setup is simple. You need to execute the following steps to install your Belkin Range Extender device:

First, you have to plug the respective range extender device to power, and then restart your computer.

After completion of rebooting of both of the devices, you would discover a Network with the name of Belkin.setup. And now, connect with it.

It’s time for opening your browser, and it would take you to the Belkin Extender Setup Page automatically. And if you don’t come across Belkin extender setup Page, kindly type Belkin.range or visit http://Belkin.range.

Next, you have to follow the prompted instructions and then select the respective “Wireless Network Name”. Now, type the “Password” and press “Next.”

After completing the configuration of the extender device, you can keep it anywhere in your home and then get ready to receive the extended network all around your home.

How to set up Belkin Range Extender using WPS?

If the above Belkin WiFi Extender Setup failed, you can also try installing your range extender device by using WPS method:

First, you need to press and hold the ‘WPS button’ on the respective Belkin range extender device for the duration of five seconds. Next, just release the key and then check the extender light to see whether the flashlights on.

It indicates that WPS has been started. Then you have to push and hold the respective WPS button on your home router within two minutes of starting WPS on your extender.

Next, you need to plug your Belkin range extender device into a power outlet. Now, use your computer or mobile device to browse the available networks. Then, choose Belkin setup from the list.

It’s time for launching your web browser and navigating to http://Belkin.range. Next, you need to click ‘Get Started’ on the web page of your Belkin setup.

In this step, you have to select the Wi-Fi name of your home from the respective list of available networks. Now, enter the respective Wi-Fi network password once prompted and then select ‘next’.

Next, you have to choose the “Wi-Fi network” again and then click “Next”. And then it’s time to click “Create Extended Network”.

You are free to set up new username as well as the password for your range extender device, as per your choice.

To know more about Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender, you can contact the Belkin customer care team.

In a nutshell, the Belkin range extender will be an ideal range extender device for you with which you can easily get an extended range of the existing Wi-Fi signal.


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