How to setup Guest Access for Wireless-N Belkin router as well as modem-router?

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Both wireless-N Belkin F5D8235 Router as well as modem-router have feature to host guest access. The guest access allows all the users to connect with a separately hosted guest network. To enable guest access, kindly refer to the steps listed below.

Turning On the guest network helps is keeping the main network secure from unauthorized access. It is because users can offer guest network credentials to their guests other than sharing the main network information for using internet. Following is the list of steps that must be followed for turning ON the guest network for wire-free Belkin F5D8235 Router and modem-router.

Belkin n300 Setup

1.Try to establish connections between the Belkin router and your computer. For this users may take an Ethernet cable and connect its one end to the internet port of Belkin router and another end to the Ethernet port of the computer.

2.Launch any of the web browsers available on the computer. Type the URL as “” in the address bar of your web browser. After entering the URL, tap once the “Enter” key to submit it.

3.After submitting the URL, users will get directed to the web-setup page of their Belkin router.

4.The setup page will contain a “Login” button at its top right corner. So, click on that Login button.

5.The router login window will pop up on the screen. There, enter the password details in the provided blank space and click once on the button labeled as “Submit.” If you have a all new router or if its default settings have not been altered yet, then leave the password field as blank and click on the “Submit.” It is because the default value of password for Belkin router remains blank.

6. After the password is verified to be correct then users will gain access to the router settings page. Once you are at the router settings page, find the option for “Wireless” settings menu and click on it.

7.A list of wireless setting options will show up under a drop down list. There, find the option for “Guest Access” and click on it.

Note: Troubleshoot the http //192.168.l.254 not working issue.

8.Go to the “Radio” section and click on the arrow for drop-down list under it. Click on the option for “Enabled” available within the displayed drop down menu. Under “Enabled” users can vary the SSID and security fields as per their requirements.

  • SSID is ideally referred as the network ID of the guest network. The default ID of guest network remains as the “Network ID of main Wi-Fi” followed by “.guests” after it. For an example, if the main network ID is named as “Belkin” then the default guest network ID will be “Belkin.guests.” It required, users can rename the guest network ID for an easy recognition.
  • Security type means the kind of security a user wants to setup for connecting with the guest network. Belkin routers offer three security types. Users can opt for any one of these, depending upon their requirements. All of these security types are as follows:

a.Hotel-style: Enabling this security type will direct all the guest users to a separate another landing page where they will have to submit the password details for connecting with the guest network ID.

b.WPA/WPA2 PSK: Turning on this security type directs the user to a pop-up window where they need to enter the password for connecting to guest wireless network.

c.PassPhrase: This security type is known as guest network password. Users need to keep on updating this for an assured security.

9.After all the guest network changes have been made, users may click on the button for “Apply Changes.” This will retain all the changes made to the guest access setup.

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