How To Setup A Belkin Range Extender?

Wi-Fi range extenders play a vital role in extending the range and reach of Wi-Fi signal of a particular place. Today, I will discuss a best-in-class range extender from Belkin that equips incredible features and functionalities. And I will also explain the setup procedure of the Belkin range extender. So, keep on reading.

Nowadays with the advancement of today’s technology, you are not restricted by your desk. With the top-notch Belkin WiFi Range Extender, you would get enhanced coverage in your home so that you can perform your online activities in a better way.

And you would also experience expanded and fast wireless connection for all your internet-connected devices, such as tablets, laptops, e-readers, smartphones, and so forth. Thus, you can also save a considerable amount on the respective mobile data plans.

If you need a powerful signal even in a remote room of your household for your smartphone or tablet Wi-Fi, then Belkin WiFi Range Extender is here for your rescue.

Belkin Range Extender Setup procedure is easy-to-implement that means even you’re not a technically-savvy person, you can easily execute the whole procedure.

Wireless Setup

Belkin provides the facility of an easy-to-implement setup procedure so that even naive users can easily set up and use Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender.

It’s up to you whether you use a wired or wireless internet signal but the installation procedure would take you to a website that will prompt throughout the step-by-step process.

Before you reach there, first, you need to plug your Range Extender device into a power outlet. Now, you have to select that one that is near to the “edge” of the respective coverage of your Wi-Fi network to get the desired result.

After plugging in, you can hop on any of the devices that are connected to the particular Wi-Fi network. Next, it’s time to search for the network, known as “Belkin.setup” and then connect to it. To know more about Belkin WiFi Extender Setup, you can contact Belkin customer care.

Wired Setup

In the case of a wired setup procedure of the Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender, the process would be a bit different. In this procedure, you would need a computer that is placed in the nearby location of the power outlet, where the particular device will live.

Execute the steps below to complete the wired setup of the Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender:

First, you have to connect the respective Range Extender to your computer using an Ethernet cable. This extender has come with an Ethernet port but you have to arrange the cable on yourself.

Next, you need to plug the particular device into the power source. And then, it’s time to turn off the Wi-Fi of the connected computer.

Next, you have to open your computer’s browser. It’s time for visiting http://belkin.range and then following the prompted onscreen instructions. After completing the execution of the online instructions of Belkin, the setup process of the Belkin Extender will be completed. Now, you ought to turn on the Wi-Fi again.

Belkin Range Extender Reset

If in any situation, you want to reset your Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender, then you have to execute steps. First, you have to press the “reset” button (a small round button present on the button part of the respective device).

And it won’t affect the settings that you’ve inputted in times of the setup process. That means you don’t need to perform the complete setup process again.

In any difficulty, you can contact Belkin’s official support site for downloading the latest firmware for the respective Extender. And from this location, you can access 24/7 live support via chat as well. Alternatively, you can also call the networking product support team of the company.

Just you need to contact our customer support in times of the hours of 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. (local time), Monday through Sunday.

Another worth considering point is that the Belkin WiFi Range Extender is capable of working with virtually any router. That means you don’t need to upgrade the existing system. This device is supported by Wireless G and Wireless N technology devices. It would work with almost any model and any brand of home wireless router.

If you want to get more clarifications about the Belkin Wi-Fi range extender, then you can contact Belkin N300 Setup Support.

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