How to set up a Belkin Router in Bridge Mode?

The brilliantly-designed Belkin Router has become incredibly popular because of its features. If you’re looking for setting up a Belkin Router in Bridge Mode, then this post is going to be helpful for you. It’s time to start the discussion.

You might have familiar with the setup process of wireless routers, certain options take many hours and also the diagnosis of the issues is somehow difficult. Belkin has provided lots of work into their three-step process and it can be realized from the rave reviews whatever the wireless router is receiving. You have to open the box and then plug the respective device and run a simple program from an attached disk without any hassle. If you want to know about Belkin N300 WiFi Router Setup, you can contact Belkin customer care.

Another best part is the price. The N300 is a reasonably-priced router that you can use in your residential or commercial setting. In simple words, the Belkin N300 wireless router is a brilliantly-designed and well-built router. You will get the facility of easy setup and instant Wi-Fi access. A number of wireless routers are available in the marketplace from which you can select the most suitable one but Belkin N300 wireless router will be an ideal option for you.

Low signal strength is not intended whenever you’re working online with the help of the Internet. For resolving the issue, you have to follow the steps below to set up a Belkin router in the bridge mode. With the bridge mode, you can easily make a connection of the respective Belkin router and the access point. It will in return provide you with an extended signal strength that would allow you to surf the Internet whenever you’re located at the small distance from the router. You can contact Belkin Setup help to clarify your queries.

How can you set up a Belkin Router in Bridge Mode?

In order to know about the setup procedure of your Belkin router in bridge mode, you have to follow the instructions below:

What will you need?

You will need the Ethernet or LAN cable, Belkin wireless router, and one router, and one access point.

As a first step, you have to connect the respective router to the modem for making both the devices work together.

Next, you have to attach the one end of the particular LAN cable into the respective modem as well as another end into the Belkin router.

In this step, you have to turn on the respective computer for connecting it to the wireless network of the Belkin router. You can also connect the respective computer to the network by either wired or wireless mode.

Next, you have to select an updated web browser and then search for the respective address bar on the top of the particular page.

Now, you have to enter the default gateway address of your router into the respective address field and visit the login page of the Belkin router.

Now, you have to enter the administrative credentials of your router into the respective login fields and then click the “Submit” tab. In this step, the browser would take you to the setup page of the Belkin router. You should search for the wireless bridging tab right from the left panel.

You have to enable the wireless bridging and after that, you need to click on Enable only specific access points for connecting.

It’s time for entering the MAC address of the respective access point into the particular MAC address field. If you are not aware of the Mac address of your access point, you have to check the bottom part of the device.

Once entering the address, you have to click “Save” tab in order to apply the settings.

Now, you are familiar with the setup process of a Belkin router in bridge mode. You can test the strength by advancing a little bit from the wireless router.

It was all about the bridge mode setup procedure on a Belkin router. If you experience any difficulty, then you can take help of the Belkin N300 Setup Support to clarify all your queries.


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