How To Reset The Factory Default Settings Of The Belkin N300 Range Extender?

Belkin N300 Range Extender is a brilliantly-designed device that is able to fulfill the internet requirement of an entire family. And now if you want to reset or restore the factory default settings of the Belkin N300 Range Extender, then follow the below post. 

Nobody wants to experience wireless dead spots because they’re really irritating. If you have a laptop or a mobile device that can be connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection, you have to get a proper Wi-Fi coverage in each of the rooms of your home rather than just a limited area.

A proper Wi-Fi range extender like the Belkin N300 Range Extender will help you in expanding the Wi-Fi coverage in your home. It is comparatively and budget-friendly Wi-Fi range extender device. If you want to know about Belkin Range Extender Setup, then contact the Belkin customer care team.

Some of the brilliant features of the Belkin N300 Range Extender are as follows:

Easy-to-execute Installation: You just ought to hold the respective Wi-Fi network password to complete the entire installation process.

Utilization with Legacy Routers: If you’re still utilizing a legacy “G” type router, then you don’t need to worry at all. This brilliant range extender device is compatible with both of the N and G router types.

Updated Security: This Wi-Fi range extender has come with 256-bit WPA2 encryption that is almost impossible to crack.

Fast 300 Mbps Data Transfers: This particular device doesn’t increase the speed of your base internet connection.

In case you prefer to transfer files on the respective local network or want to stream media from one device to another, the data transfer rate will be 300 Mbps. The Belkin Setup N300 Range Extender process is also simple-to-execute.

Resetting or restoring your range extender to its factory default settings

In two ways, you can reset the range extender. Now, you can select from the options below to learn the procedure of execution. The two processes are:

By using the reset button

And by using the web-based setup page

Using the Reset Button:

The location of the reset button of the respective range extender would differ based on the respective model. The reset procedure would start after you pressing and holding the ‘reset button’ for minimum 10 seconds while the range extender is in power ON condition.

The range extender’s Status Light would flash momentarily and would then start blinking. Once the light becomes solid again, you need to realize that the reset procedure has been completed. In the above example, the reset button is placed at the bottom.

Using the Web-Based Setup Page

If the utilization of the physical button doesn’t work, it’s time to access the web-based setup page of your range extender and perform the reset from here.

Before You Start:

You need to ensure your wireless computer or device whatever you are using for accessing the web-based setup page has been connected to the same network in the form of the range extender.

You have to identify the Internet Protocol address that the respective router has assigned to the particular range extender. It is easy-to-locate and you just need to access the DHCP Client table of your router.

Alternatively, you can also enter in the Address bar of your web browser in case your range extender has NOT still detected a DHCP server in the respective network.

Step-1: Within the web-based setup page of the respective range extender, you ought to go to ‘Utilities’ and then select ‘Restore Factory Defaults.’

You might be prompted for logging in with the administrator password of your range extender. However, in case you haven’t set the administrator password, leave the space as blank. Now, click ‘Submit’.

Step-2: In this step, you have to click the button of ‘Restore Factory Defaults’. And the respective Belkin range extender should be restored to the respective factory default settings.

If you have any query regarding the above steps or Belkin Setup N300 Extender, then you can contact the Belkin customer support team.

In a nutshell, the Belkin N300 Range Extender is an incredible product that you can consider to purchase to match the daily internet requirements of your home.

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