How to reset Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender to its default settings?

Do you wish to reset your Belkin range extender to its default factory settings? If yes, here’s the step wise procedure to reset the setting of Belkin Wi-Fi range extender. No matter, what level of customizations have been made to the settings of your Belkin router, executing the reset procedure will get you Belkin back to its default settings.

Depending upon the requirements, users frequently keep on making changes to the settings of their Belkin range extender. At times, users might feel like to get back their extender to its default settings when they no longer require the customizations that they made earlier. In such a situation, they might wish to undo the entire customizations settings they made till now. Reverting all the setting options separately could be a bit difficult and time consuming task. Thus, in order to easily get back the Belkin to its default settings, it is advised to reset it to its factory default settings. Presently, if you too want to get back your N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender to its default settings, then here’s the entire reset procedure for it.

Ideally there are two ways to reset Belkin range extenders. One is through the reset button of Wi-Fi extender and other is through web-based Belkin setup page. Both the reset techniques have been well explained through following procedures.

Steps for resetting the Belkin through its “Reset” Button:

  1. Locate you Belkin range extender.
  2. Press the release the “Reset” button after holding it down for a minimum of 10 seconds. You can easily locate the reset button of Belkin range extender on its right side.
  3. Soon as you press and release the reset button, you will notice that the LED light on the extender will blink for a while and then start glowing steady. This steady glowing of light indicates that the Belkin extender has been reset to its default settings.

Steps for resetting the Belkin range extender through its web based setup page:

  1. Visit the web-based Belkin setup page: Before visiting the Belkin web setup page one must ensure their wireless mobile device or personal computer is receiving the internet signals from same wireless internet network. You can access the Belkin setup page by two ways i.e. through the URL or setup page and IP address of Belkin setup page. You can refer to the following steps for accessing the web Belkin Wi-Fi Extender Setup Page.

Steps for accessing the Belkin web-based setup page through its URL:

  • Open a web browser on any of the internet supporting devices.
  • Type http://belkin.range as the URL and press the enter key.
  • You will be directed to the Belkin setup page. There click on the option for “Sign in” and type in your account login credentials. While typing the sign in credentials, make sure you type them in their actual case format only. It is because they are case sensitive and any mistake can lead you to login errors. Users will be able to see the hint for their password if they have already set a password hint for their account.
  • After typing the credentials click on the “login” button and you will be directed to Belkin setup page.

Steps for accessing the Belkin web-based setup page through its IP address:

  • Open any of the web browsers on your internet supporting device.
  • Type “” as the URL and click on “Go” or press the “enter” key on the device keyboard.
  • You will be directed to Belkin setup page. There locate the option for “Sign in” in and click on it.
  • Type in the login credentials and click on “Login” button and you will have the access to Belkin web-based setup page.
  1. Once you have an access to the Belkin web setup page, locate the option for “Administration” category and click on it.
  2. Under Administration category, click on “Factory Defaults” to view the reset option available under it.
  3. Locate and click on the button for “Restore Factory Defaults.” It will reset your Belkin N300 range extender to its default settings.

So in this way you can reset your Belkin range extender to its factory default setting through its reset button as well as its web based setup page. Hope you find the procedure helpful and easy to understand. For more help and support related to Belkin, you may visit Belkin Extender Setup support page.

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