How To Remove A Wireless Network Profile On A Computer?

If you are wondering to remove your wireless network profile on a computer, then you’ve reached a perfect destination. Just keep on reading the entire post below.

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How can you remove a wireless network profile on a computer?

In case your computer has been connected to various wireless networks earlier, you might come across issues while connecting it wirelessly particularly when the SSID or the wireless network name is the same with the earlier ones that have been connected to.

However, removal of the wireless network profiles is essential in case you have altered your password and not able to connect it.

You have to scroll down to find out your Operating System and execute the steps below for removing the wireless network from the respective computer: Windows® 7 and Windows Vista®, Windows® XP, and Mac OS®.

Windows® 7 and Windows Vista®

In the first step, you have to right-click the ‘Wireless’ icon and then select ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’. And now on the left menu, you need to click ‘Manage wireless networks’.

Next, you ought to choose the network that you prefer to remove. Now, click ‘Remove’ to finish the procedure.

Windows® XP

First, you need to click on the ‘Wireless’ icon. And then click ‘Change advanced settings’ on the particular left menu.

In this step, you ought to click the tab, named Wireless Networks. Now, you have to select the particular network that you prefer to remove in the list, named ‘Preferred networks’. Next, click ‘Remove’ and then click ‘OK’.

Mac OS®

First, you have to click ‘Wireless’ icon and then select ‘Open Network Preferences.’. And then you ought to click the ‘Advanced…’ button.

Next, you need to select the network that you prefer to remove in the list, called ‘Preferred Networks’. And then click the ‘-‘(minus) button. Now, click ‘OK’ to finish.

Congratulations! You have removed the network successfully.

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