How to manually update the firmware version of Belkin WiFi extender setup?

Did your Belkin range extender failed to auto update? If yes, you might be looking for the reason behind the failure of auto update as well as an alternate method to update the firmware of your Belkin Wi-Fi network range extender.  Here’s the list of all those contributing reasons along with a procedure to manually update the firmware of Belkin range extender.

Using an outdated version of Belkin range extender can lead to network issues while connecting to the extended Wi-Fi network. So, it’s recommended to keep a check and ensure the firmware version of your Belkin range extender is updated with the recent one available till that date. Alike Belkin routers, the Belkin extenders are capable of self updating their firmware. Still, sometimes Belkin extenders fail to auto update their firmware. Many of the reasons like no internet network, slow or intermittent internet connectivity, power outage, etc. could contribute to the failure of auto update process. Presently, if the firmware version of your belkin wifi extender setup has been outdated and is neither going through the self update process, then you can try to manually update its firmware with the help of procedure provided below.

Following are the steps for manually updating the firmware of Belkin range extender:

  1. Download the Belkin firmware update file
  2. Update the firmware of netgear range extender

Steps for downloading the firmware update file for Belkin range extender:

  1. Browse the Belkin support page by typing the site URL in the search field of your browser.
  2. Soon as the Belkin support page opens up, type in Belkin extender’s model number inside the blank search space labeled as “What product can we assist you with?” If you don’t know the model number of your Belkin extender, then click once on the link available there for finding the model number of your Belkin network range extender.
  3. Choose your Belkin range extender from the list of available devices.
  4. Once you are at the product page of your range extender, click on the option for “Downloads/ Firmware” to view the downloadable firmware update file. Other than this you can click on the option to “Download Software” file that is located at the end of that page.
  5. Identify the updated hardware version and click once on the link for downloading that firmware file.
  6. Click on the radio button to “Save File” and then click on “OK” to confirm the changes. Depending upon the web browser and device operating system, sometimes it might automatically download and save the firmware update file.

After going through the above listed steps, you will able to download and save a copy of firmware updating file. So, now when you have the firmware update file, you may refer to the following steps for updating the firmware version of your belkin n300 setup.

  1. Kindly, ensure that you are within the range of internet network and your Belkin extender is receiving strong internet network. Also, ensure that the internet connectivity is not interrupted while updating the firmware as it can damage the Belkin extender.
  2. Visit http://belkin.range/ by typing it as the URL in the search space of the browser of your internet supporting device. If you are unable to access the page through URL then try to access the page using the IP address:
  3. Soon as the Belkin setup page opens up, click on the “Login” button and type in the login credentials to open your Belkin account. If you are using an all new Belkin router whose settings have not been modified for even once, then you can use the default password i.e. leave the password field blank and tap the “Submit” button.
  4. After you are logged in, locate the button for “Firmware Update” and click on it.
  5. Browse the saved firmware update file that you downloaded earlier.
  6. After locating the firmware update file, select it and click on the “Open” button.
  7. Click on the “Update” button.
  8. Now, you will come across a prompt. So click on “Ok” button for that prompt.
  9. After these, you will come across a new pop up message saying that “Your device or extender will not be in operational state throughout the update process. So click on “OK.”

Once you have gone through all of these steps, wait till the update completes and you receive a confirmation message regarding firmware update of your Belkin extender. Kindly ensure that the extender is neither unplugged nor turned OFF during the update process. Hope you find the information helpful. For more such information kindly visit belkin.setup n300 page.

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