How to get your Belkin Router Password if you have forgotten?

With the advancements in internet technology, more and more users have become internet users. And nowadays, in average households, having three to four Wi-Fi-enabled devices is quite natural. That’s why handling simultaneous data stream without any disconnection or lag is one of the major demands of the prospects. We are lucky to have Belkin N300 that has been fulfilling these demands. If you have already purchased a Belkin N300 device and now forgot your router password, then follow the post below.

The brilliantly-designed Belkin N300 Wireless N Router is an appropriate answer to any of the Wi-Fi connectivity problems of any family. These incredible routers provide brilliant performance for the respective family network. The amalgamation of quality software, hardware, and accessories have solved for most of the home networking requirements. This particular router provides the facility for better Wi-Fi performance for the home wireless network with robust signal strength along with maximum coverage so that the family can connect from each and every area of your home.

You definitely want to access your router, right? And moreover, you can improve the security of your router by altering its access password so as to prevent the surfing on your connection by any freeloader. It is also possible to set access control and forward ports. Most of the times, routers are featured with a default username as well as password. However, it is recommended to alter the credentials of the default username and password of the respective router to make it more protected and secure but you have to also remember the specific credentials whatever you have used. But, if you have forgotten the respective router password, then the following sections would help you. To know about the Belkin N300 Setup process, you can contact the Belkin customer care support.

Default Username and Password

Prior to executing a factory reset on the respective router, you can try the particular default username and password. Not each and every user changes his/her default username and password and that’s why you can try in this way. Apart from that, you’ll also have a requirement of the credentials of default username and password in case you’re about to reset your router to its factory default settings. If you want to know about Belkin Setup N300, then you can contact the Belkin customer care team.

There are some ways to find the default credentials of the router:

Some ways are also available to find out the default credentials of the respective router:

Read the Manual of Your Router:

In order to locate the respective default password and username of the particular router, you have to check in its user manual. But, if you have lost the specific user manual, you can look for online to find out the model number and manual of your router.

Search for a Sticker on the Router itself:

A number of routers specifically those who might have come from the respective internet service provider or ISP ship with a unique password. And moreover, these passwords have been printed on the router’s sticker.

Try with the Most Common Username and Password Combination:

You should remember that most of the routers by default make use of the username ‘admin’ and blank password, both of the username and password can be ‘admin’ etc. In case you are not still able to get in, you have to reset the respective router back to its factory default settings.

Resetting the router back to its Default Settings:

Each and every router has come with a small yet hidden button that you can press for resetting the respective router to its factory default settings. But, do remember that any kind of configuration changes that you have already made to the respective router, including network settings, forwarded ports, parental control, and custom passwords- all of these changes would be wiped away. After resetting of the router, you would be capable of accessing the router with the respective default username and password.

Although the accurate reset procedure differs from one router to another, in order to get the best result, you can consult the respective router’s manual. The process is usually the same for most of the routers. As a first step, you have to check at the bottom part of the respective router and then you would come across a tiny button with the label “reset.” In order to reset the respective router, you have to press that particular button for around 20 seconds and then release the button. You’ll require a paperclip in order to hold the button.

Once resetting the router, you would be capable of logging in with the respective default username and password.

Password improves the router’s security because you can set the access control and forward the ports. In case you have forgotten the password of your router, you can execute the above steps. These steps will help you in logging in to the particular router. If you have any question regarding Belkin.Setup N300, you can contact the Belkin customer care support.

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