How to find out the Model, Serial, and Version Number of the Belkin Device?

The demand for the wireless router is increasing day by day and among the various choices, the Belkin wireless router has secured a special place in the lives of the users due to the amazing features of this wireless router. If you are already an owner of the Belkin wireless router and you are not finding out the model, version, and the serial number of this device, then you can follow the post below.

If you start searching for a wireless internet router, then you can discover a number of options. However, for a budget-friendly option, you can consider the Belkin N300 wireless router. It can be a perfect option for you. You certainly don’t want to experience a halt in the middle of your internet activity and the Belkin N300 wireless router can be your companion to relieve this pain.

Easy installation feature is a requirement for any device so that even laymen can easily set up the cameras, detect the issues (if any), and resume the internet connectivity to its normal state.

All the users should be able to set up the router and make the internet network available to every user associated with a wireless device.

The N300 wireless router hosts four Ethernet ports on its backside with which multiply-wired laptops or other devices can be easily connected to the particular router on a simultaneous basis.

Another worth noting point is that the setup procedure narrows down into a simple three-way procedure so that you can immediately start streaming videos, checking emails, or playing games online.

This brilliantly-designed wireless router is very easy in handling and it would not be a hassle to move it because this device accommodates less space that means you can place it, as per your convenience. Some worth mentioning features of the Belkin N300 wireless router are as follows:

  • Its MultiBeam Technology has made it possible to provide the facility of a high-powered signal.
  • This incredible wireless router is capable of detecting and fixing issues that you experience with your Belkin N300 wireless router with the help of its self-healing application.
  • You can stream your favorite videos with a high-speed (300 Mbps) internet facility.
  • The parental control facilities will help you in keeping your children away from the inappropriate internet contents.
  • The Belkin N300 wireless router has come up with 2 years limited warranty, accompanied by 24/7 support from the expert team of Belkin.

The benefits of the Belkin N300 wireless router are as follows.

  • In case you are familiar with the setup procedure of the wireless routers, some of the options of those routers usually take long hours, such as in diagnosing issues. These procedures are matters of a huge pain.

However, Belkin has understood this pain and boiled down this overall cumbersome procedure into a three-step process and you can check the results by feeling the happiness of the customers through their positive reviews.

  • The users of this particular router can easily open the box, plug in the device and eventually run a simple program given in the included disk. So they don’t need to face so many hassles.
  • The affordable price structure is one of the crucial reasons for its popularity.

How to Get the Serial, Model, and Version Number of Your Belkin Device?

For firmware updates, product registration or troubleshooting of the Belkin device, you might search for product numbers, including model, serial, and version number. For most of the products, the pieces of information have been printed on the product sticker. These printed numbers are dependent on the product type that you have own. The model number is called the Part # of the particular device or product.

The locations of the various model, version as well as serial numbers are Routers, KVMs, NetCam, Range Extender, Network Adapters, Thunderbolt Express Dock, Hubs, WEMO, and Keyboards.

The locations are stated below for various models, serial numbers, and versions of the Belkin products. In case your product is not specified on the list and if you are unable to find out the product numbers on the respective sticker or on the respective device, then you can check it on its package or exterior of the box and check its barcode section as well as its sticker.


Search for the model number as well as for the version number at the bottom side of the particular device. The version number of this router initiates with v or ver. If no version number is there after the model number, then you own a ‘version 1’ router.

Network Adapters

Search for the sticker at the back part of the particular device. The version should start with v or ver. If you don’t find any version number after the model number, it means you own a ‘version 1’ network adapter.


You have to search for the sticker at the bottom part of your device. As you already know the version should start with v or verYou are having a ‘version 1’ KVM in case there is no version number following its model number.

Likewise the previous ones, you can check whether the Thunderbolt Express Dock, NetCam, Range Extender, WEMO, Hubs, and Keyboards are of ‘version 1’ or not. You have to follow the same steps depicted above.

The Bottom Line

A number of wireless routers are available in today’s market from which you can choose the suitable one for you. However, the Belkin N300 wireless router is a brilliantly-designed and a budget-friendly router that will serve the purpose of every customer. You can contact the Belkin customer care to know about the Belkin WiFi Range Extender.

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