How to do Belkin Range Extender Setup without using an Ethernet cable?

Are you trying to wirelessly setup your Belkin range extender? If yes, then here’s the complete procedure to configure Belkin range extender without an Ethernet cable. The setup requires a Belkin extender, network ID and password details of existing wire-free router. For more details kindly refer to the entire information shared below.

Network extenders keep on repeating the Wi-Fi signals to increase the existing range of a wireless network. Same is the case with Belkin range extenders as they too help in increasing the range of Wi-Fi. A Belkin range extender can be configured both through a wired connection as well as wirelessly. Here’s the procedure for wirelessly configuring a Belkin router without involving an Ethernet cable connections.

The pre-requirements for wire-free configuration of a Belkin are as follows:

  • One Belkin Wi-Fi network range extender.
  • An established wireless internet network along with its network ID and password details for connecting to it. In case of dual band router, users must ensure they know the network ID and password details of the both the network bands.
  • A mobile, tablet or computer that can connect wirelessly with an existing Wi-Fi network.

After the availability of above pre-requisites is confirmed users may proceed to the wireless configuration of Belkin Extender Setup. The following steps might slightly vary, depending upon the model and type of Wi-Fi device that is being used throughout the configuration procedure.

Steps for Wire-free configuration of a Belkin network range extender:

  1. Connect the Belkin network range extender to any of the working power outlets at your premises. Turn ON the power switch for that outlet. Also, ensure the extender is placed within the range of your existing Wi-Fi network.
  2. Try to connect with Belkin setup network from your Wi-Fi supporting mobile device or computer. Users can easily locate the Belkin network name. In case, you are unable to locate Belkin.setup network, they try to reset your Belkin network range extender. In order to reset the Belkin extender, locate its reset button and press it down for a minimum of 10 seconds until it returns back to ON state. Users can also power cycle the router and then try connecting it back with the network. Once you find the Belkin.setup network, click on it to connect. Wait till the Wi-Fi supporting device completes connects to that network. After establishing the connectivity users may proceed to next setup step.
  3. Open an updated web browser on your Wi-Fi supporting device. Type http://belkin.range as the URL in the search field of your web browser. After typing the URL, click once on the “Go” button or press down the enter key for a second. In case the URL doesn’t responds, then try using instead of the URL you used earlier.
  4. The Belkin WiFi Extender Setup page will open up. Find the option to “Get Started” and click on it.
  5. A search will be initiated to locate the SSID of your router. Users might see a message on the screen that says “Searching for SSID.”
  6. After a list of network ID opens up. So, select the network ID you wish to be extended and click on the “Next” button. Users may click on the “Refresh” button in case they are unable to locate the required network ID under the list of networks.
  7. Once you find the network name click on it to connect and wait till you get connected.
  8. While connecting users might come across a prompt that will ask for submitting the password details. So, type in the password for connecting to the network and click on “Next.”
  9. The setup will start verifying the password details and will offer connectivity once the password is found to be correct. In case of dual band router users will have to submit the password details for second band as well. Click on the “Next” button, once you have submitted the password details.
  10. Go through the complete information about the network being extended. If you wish to change any of the details then click on the option to “Edit.” Else, click on the option to “Create Extended Network.”

This will end the wireless configuration procedure of your Belkin network range extender. After the completion of configuration, the entire network setting details will be displayed on the device screen. Users can make a note, take the screen shot and even get a printed hard copy of the network details. Also, confirmation message will show up on the screen saying that “Your network extender has been successful configured.” Hope you found this configuration procedure simple and easy to execute. Users may visit Belkin N300 Setup Support page in case they wish to have an access to much such information related to Belkin.

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