How to do Belkin Range Extender Setup wirelessly?

Are you looking to increase the range of your wireless internet network? If yes, then Belkin Wi-Fi range extender can serve you very well in increasing the range of your internet network wirelessly. Here we have a procedure that will guide you in Belkin Range Extender Setup yourself without the need of any technical assistance.

Belkin Range extenders repeat the wireless signals and thus result as an increased network range. If you are facing issues with internet network range of your belkin router then installing a range extender can help you in increasing the range of your present network. All you need to do is to get a belkin range extender setup and set it up with your belkin router. You can yourself setup the range extender by merely going through few simple steps provided in the procedure given here.

Pre- requisites for setting up Belkin range extender:

  1. Belkin Range extender device
  2.  A wireless internet network along with the details about its network name and password. Kindly ensure if you are using a dual-band router then SSID and the corresponding passwords must be secured for network bands of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz as well.
  3. A wireless internet supporting device. It can be any of the computer, tablet or an android or apple based mobile phone.

Steps for setting up wireless Belkin Wi-Fi range extender:

  • Plug in the Belkin range extender to a working electric power outlet. Ensure it is within the range of your Belkin router’s wireless internet network.
  • With the help of an internet connected mobile device try to establish connection with belkin.setup labeled network. If you are unable to locate this network then it means you are not located within the range of your wireless internet router. So either try to get into the range of your wireless internet network or get an internet range extender to increase the range of your internet network till where your mobile device is located. If you already have range extenders installed then try to reset it by holding down the reset button for a minimum of 10 seconds till its back ON. Now try to connect with belkin.setup and check if you are able to connect now or not.
  •  Once you are connected with Belkin.setup, try to browse “http://belkin.range” from any of the web browsers available on your internet connected mobile device or equipment. If ever you face any difficulty in browsing this URL, then try to access it through IP address i.e. by typing it as a browsing URL in the provided blank space.
  • Once the URL page opens up, click on the option to “Get Started.” Clicking on get started will initiate the searching for SSID of your router.
  • Locate the name of wireless network for which you want to increase the range. Once you find that network name click on it and tap on the icon for “Next.” If ever you find any difficulty or are unable to locate the network name then try to reset the network list by clicking on “Refresh” button.
  •  Once you find the network name, click on it and wait till the setup gets configured with the network.
  • While the setup is in progress you might come across a prompt that will ask you to submit the password details of your Network ID. So type in the password correctly and click on Next.
  • Wait till the server verifies the network name and password submitted by you.
  • If ever you possess a dual-band router then choose the second wireless network name and submit the password for that too as you did earlier for the network name. Kindly remember if you own a single-band belkin Wi-Fi range extender then only 2.4 GHz band will be detected.

So this was all you need to do for setting up belkin range extender. Once you have gone through the procedure kindly review the settings of extended network to ensure the correctness of all the information. If ever you find any discrepancy then click on the option for “Edit” to make changes to that network. In case you require advanced support related to belkin wifi extender setup then feel to get in touch with Belkin N300 Setup technical support persons.

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