How to do Belkin N300 setup for using with Xbox 360?

Configuring Xbox 360 gaming consoles with Belkin N300 will offer users to enjoy un-interrupted playing experience. Here’s the complete configuration procedure to setup Xbox 360 to work with Belkin N300 routers. Kindly, refer to the complete procedure in its provided format for enjoying seamless playing experience.

Xbox 360 gaming console can be connected to Belkin router through a hardwired connection using an Ethernet cable. Once you have connected Belkin router with Xbox360 through an Ethernet cable, you will have to open NAT to enable the Xbox for using internet connection. At present, if you are trying to configure Xbox 360 with Belkin N300, then here’s the entire setup procedure that could be of great help to you.

Steps for configuring Xbox 360 for using with Belkin N300 router:

  1. Turn Off the power supply for Xbox 360. Take the Ethernet cable and plug its one end to the Ethernet port of Xbox and another behind Belkin router. In case there are multiple Xbox, then you can connect all of them in the same manner. Usually, it is recommended to not to use more than a single Xbox gaming console at a single instance of time.  It is because it can hamper the internet connectivity and cause IP conflict as well.
  2. Turn On the power supply for Xbox360 and manually configure the IP settings. Kindly, remember that the IP address for an Internet provider server will be the domain name server (DNS). It will be solely responsible for transforming the names of websites into a valid IP address. In case of multiple Xbox consoles you can assign the IP address by increasing the last numerical digit of IP address by 1. For example, if one Xbox is assigned the IP as, then the next IP could be assigned as
  3. After assigning the IP address you should open the NAT connections of Belkin so that the Xbox 360 could receive un-interrupted Internet network speed.
  4. Before opening the NAT connections you must ensure that your modem is capable of supporting NAT connections or not.  Following are the steps for verifying the NAT capability.
  • Visit your router’s web-based configuration page. You can access the URL for this set up page from any of the working internet web browsers on your device. For example chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Type the URL for Belkin N300 Router Setup page and click on “Go” or hit the “Enter” key.  Once the page opens up, type the user ID and password for signing in. Here, you can use the default ID and password if the Belkin is all new and till now no changes have been made to its default settings. The default ID is “admin” and the passkey is “password.” As these are case sensitive, so ensure that you type both of these in the lower-case only.
  • After you are logged in, locate the option for “Internet Settings” and click on it.
  • Under Internet Settings click on “WAN IP Address.” Here, check if the IP setting of Belkin is set to “Public” or “Private.” It the setting is set to “Private,” then it means your modem is NAT capable and might stop Xbox from receiving internet networks. In this case, you will have to get in touch with the service provider for turning OFF the modem’s NAT capability. If the IP settings are set to “Public,” then it means the modem does not supports NAT and will not cause any connectivity issues to Xbox.
  1. After you have opened the NAT connections, you must turn ON the port forwarding for all the default ports of Xbox gaming console. Following is the list of steps one must follow to enable port forwarding for Xbox ports.
  • Open the Web-base Belkin Setup N300 page and sign in.
  • After you are logged in, locate the option for “Advanced Settings” and click on it.
  • Under Advanced Settings click on the option for “Firewall.” The Firewall menu will open up, there click on the option for “Port Forwarding.”
  • You will come across a “Description” space so type in a name for recognizing the forwarded ports. Under “Inbound” and “Private” ports submit the details of port numbers that are to be forwarded.
  • Now, specify a particular type for submitting the IP address details of Xbox 360 gaming console. Kindly, remember that port forwarding is allowed for only a single Xbox. In case, you wish to enable port forwarding for multiple Xbox, then kindly get in touch with your internet service provider for help.
  • Click inside the checkbox in front of “Description” field to enable it.
  • Click on “Save” to retain the changes.

Once you have gone through all the above listed steps, your Xbox might be ready to be used with Belkin router. Hope you find the entire procedure quite simple and easy. For more such information about Belkin kindly visit Belkin N300 Setup Support page. Other than this, if you face any problem at any of these steps, then fell free to get in touch with Belkin tech support persons for advanced help.

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