How To Convert A Belkin Wi-Fi Router Into A Repeater?

Nowadays, Wi-Fi and repeater both of them are important devices to get a high-speed internet connectivity to fulfill the internet requirement of the entire family. If you want to convert a Belkin Wi-Fi into a repeater, then follow the post below. And you might know that the Belkin Wi-Fi is a brilliant device, owing to its striking features and functionalities. 

Nowadays, with the advancement of internet technology, the number of internet users has tremendously increased. And so in most of the households, minimum three to four Wi-Fi-enabled devices are present for accessing the internet on a simultaneous basis.

And the main requirement is to get seamless internet connectivity without experiencing disconnections or any kind of lagging. Belkin N300 Wi-Fi router has come for the rescue. To know about Belkin N300 Setup, you can contact the Belkin customer care team.

You definitely don’t want to face a pause in the middle of an online session. And moreover, the setup procedure should be easy as well so that even naive persons can easily implement the entire installation procedure. The Belkin N300 Wi-Fi Router has fulfilled all these requirements and expectations of people.

The best part is that the entire setup process has been reduced into easy three steps only so that you can start playing games, streaming videos or checking emails.

Some of the brilliant features of Belkin N300 include:

Owing to the brilliant MultiBeam Technology, Belkin N300 WiFi Router can generate a high-powered signal.

This particular router is capable of diagnosing and fixing network problems with its self-healing application.

It is capable of streaming the best entertainment with 300 Mbps of data transfer rate.

For the sake of parental controls, you can keep inappropriate online contents away from your children.

You will get 2 years limited warranty and 24/7 support from Belkin.

In a nutshell, the Belkin N300 Wi-Fi Router will be an ideal solution for all your internet requirements. To know about Belkin N300 WiFi Router Setup, kindly contact the Belkin customer care team.

The utilization of a second Belkin wireless router as a repeater is known as bridging. And it is tremendously helpful in expanding the span of the wireless network in both your residential and commercial spaces.

The bridging process is involved with the enabling of the bridging feature along with the programming of additional routers with the SSID (Security Set Identifier) and the same channel number.

And as a result, computers and other Wi-Fi devices in your residential or commercial spaces will start connecting automatically to the respective bridged access point(s) whenever in range. In simple words, setting up a wireless bridge is not a complicated process.

You have to double check that each and every router provides support to wireless bridging. And it can be easily determined by going through the product documentation or by visiting the respective product page on Belkin website.

Now, you need to make a connection of a computer and the main router by using an Ethernet cable. However, do make sure to plug the cable into one of the ports that have been marked as “LAN.”

In this step, you have to open a web browser and then type the IP address of the router in the address bar. Some of the models use, however, if it does not work, you need to read your product documentation.

It’s time for clicking the “login” link and then entering the respective password (in case you have) and then click on “Submit”. The routers don’t come with passwords.

You need to note down the MAC address of your router that has been listed under LAN Settings on the respective Status page. It might be that you prefer to open a word processing program or Notepad and copy-paste that address into the document.

Next, you have to press “Ctrl-C” to copy and then “Ctrl-V” to paste. The MAC address needs to b there on a sticker of the respective router. Alternatively, the MAC address should be on the router’s retail packaging.

In this step, you need to click “Channel and SSID”, and then note down both the SSID as well as the channel number. You can also copy and paste this information.

Next, click on “Wireless Bridge” on the left (or click “Wireless Bridging”) on the left that is placed under “Wireless.” You have to check the “Enable Wireless Bridging” and then the box, specifying enable only particular access points for connection. And if you don’t check this particular box, any router present in that range can play the role of a repeater.

Now, you have to type the MAC address of the main router in the set of boxes, placed next to AP1. In this step, you need to enter the MAC address of the second router placed next to AP2 and you can get it from the respective unit or its packaging. In case there are additional routers remaining to bridge, you also have to add their MAC addresses.

Next, click on “Apply Changes.” In this step, you need to repeat steps from 2-10 for configuring the second router. In Step 6, you ought to configure the channel and also the SSID information to match the first router. Don’t forget to save your changes.

Now, you need to reboot both of the routers and so unplug their power cables and then plug them again. Wait for one or two minutes to allow the units to completely reboot.

Some Useful Tips

You can attach a wireless bridge to your home’s ceiling to expand the wireless network onto the second floor of your building.

Wi-Fi access points offer a range of approximately 300 feet, based on the environment. However, for the removal of “dead” spots, you need to allow some signal to be overlapped between the two access points.

And it is also true that you have to use trial and error method to find out the appropriate location.

If you are looking for Belkin N300 Setup Help, then you can take help of the Belkin customer care team.


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