How To Connect Roku Media Player With Belkin N300 Setup?

No doubt, Roku streaming players offer the streaming of endless number of movies and shows at a time. The experience can be made better by connecting Roku with Belkin routers that will offer increased internet speed to let you buffer your favorite series at much faster rate than earlier. If you wish to connect your Roku media player with Belkin, then here’s the complete setup procedure that might be of great help to you.

Setting up the Roku media player with Belkin router will increase its efficiency and thus lead to faster streaming of content. This will lead to a better streaming experience for all of its users. At present, if you too wish to enjoy faster streaming, then you can configure your Roku streaming player with your Belkin N300 Router Setup. There are two possible ways to connect the Roku media player with Belkin N300 router. On is through hard wiring using and Ethernet cable and another is wireless through User ID and password details.  Here’s the separate setup procedure for both of these available methods. Depending upon your choice you can opt for any of these setup procedures.

Before going through the configuration procedure, kindly ensure that there is a working internet network around you. You can test the internet connectivity by establishing internet connectivity through any of the mobile device or computer. In case, the mobile device or computer is unable to connect to the internet network, then you must report the issue to that respective Internet Service Provider for getting it resolved. Other than this, you must ensure the DHCP settings are enabled. After any of your devices is able to connect to internet network and the DHCP setting is turned ON, then you can proceed towards any of the following set up procedures.

Steps for setting up Roku media player with Belkin router through hardwired connections:

  1. Bring an Ethernet cable.
  2. Connect the one end of Ethernet cable with the Ethernet port of Roku media player.
  3. Plug in another end of Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of Belkin N300 router.
  4. Connect the Roku media player to a working power outlet and turn ON the Power button for it.
  5. Hold the remote of your Roku streaming box, project it towards the Roku and choose the option for “Wired.” One can easily locate the “Wired” option under the network connectivity options being shown by the on-screen guide.

In this way, you can establish a connection between your Roku and Belkin using a hard wired setup.

Steps for wirelessly setting up Roku media player with Belkin Setup N300:

Kindly, remember that before proceeding towards the actual wireless setup procedure, you must ensure that the SSID broadcast is turned ON for your Wi-Fi network. Other than this, you must know the correct network ID and password for connecting wirelessly.

  1. Connect the Roku Media player to a working power outlet and turn ON the power button for it. Once the Roku media player is powered ON, you will be directed to its home page.
  2. If you come across a prompt for setup, then press down the “OK” button from the Roku remote to start the wireless setup.
  3.  Now, you will come across a prompt that will ask you to specify the connection type. So here, click on the option for “wireless” connection.  Once you opt for Wireless connectivity, the Roku will start scanning the available Wi-Fi networks around it. In order to detect the Belkin wireless networks, one must ensure that the Roku is positioned with the good network range of Belkin router.
  4. After the Roku identifies the Wi-Fi network of your Belkin, click on the Belkin routers wireless network SSID.
  5. Type in the correct password details for connection to the wireless network of your Belkin router. While typing the password ensure that you type it in its actual case sensitive format only else it might lead to password error.

Once the password is verified and found to be correct, your Roku player will be connected wirelessly to the Belkin router. In this way you can easily connect the Roku with Belkin without using any wired connection. Hope you find it simple, easy and helpful. For more such information kindly visit Belkin N300 Setup Support page. In case you face any difficulty during the entire process, then feel to get in touch with Belkin support persons.

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