How to configure USB devices with Belkin N300 Setup?

While using Belkin router users feel like using multiple devices along with it. The devices can be like storage device, computer, scanner, printer etc. If you are trying to add any such devices with your Belkin router, then here’s a step wise procedure for adding all kinds or USB devices. Kindly, refer to the procedure to ease up the setup process.

All Belkin routers come with multiple USB ports that be utilized for adding USB storage devices. As per requirement one can connect computer, N300 WiFi Range Extender, storage drive, printer etc. Before adding the devices one must make sure that those devices have wired USB connecting terminals. In case the device does not have a wired USB connecting terminal, then you can try to connect them wirelessly. If the device is not cable of connecting wirelessly, then you will have to bring a device with USB connectors. Kindly, go through the following procedure for adding different devices through USB ports of Belkin router.

A USB storage drive if connected to a USB port of router can be used as a shared storage space by all users connected to Belkin internet network. So if you are looking to share multiple files with all the connected users, then setting up a USB storage drive with allow you instantly share all kinds of data files. Kindly, go through following steps for configuring USB storage drive with Belkin Setup N300:

  1. Insert the USB connectors of storage drive in the USB port behind your Belkin router.
  2. Check the status of light in the side of USB port. If the LED lights on your USB port has started glowing then it means that your device is now ready to use. You can confirm the status of configured storage drive by viewing it from the computer. Within your computer you will find an option for “Belkin Router Manager.” Under Belkin router manager you will find the status of storage drive under USB Print or Storage manager.

Connecting a printer to Belkin router will increase its accessibility. All users under Belkin internet network will be able to take a print out through the connected printer anytime they want. Kindly, go through the following procedure for setting up a shared printer with Belkin network. Also, remember that the USB storage drives need more supply than they are the power supply offered through USB port of Belkin. So, to facilitate adequate power supply you can use additional power supply. Using a additional power supply will ensure the proper functioning or the attached storage drive.

  1. Insert the USB connectors of your printer into the USB port available behind the Belkin router.
  2. Check the status of LED light available aside the USB port. If that LED light is glowing, then it means that the printer is compatible with Belkin router and is now available for use. The configuring status of printer can be checked by clicking on the icon for “Belkin Router Manager.” Under Belkin Router Manager the options for USB Print and Storage manger will confirm the working status of connected printer.

Kindly, remember that merely adding a printer with Belkin will not allow all the users to access the printer until or unless a Belkin software and printer drivers have not been installed on computer. If ever you forget to install the software and drivers then you might come across a reminder prompt every time you will try to get a print through your device. Thus, to avoid access issues it is better go through the software installations beforehand.

This was all how you can configure a USB storage drive and printer with your Belkin router. Now, if you wish to add any more number of USB devices with Belkin router then also the procedure will remain the same. You only need to ensure that the adding device is compatible with Belkin. If the device is compatible then it will surely work after connecting with Belkin. Still, if you face any issue during configuration then visit Belkin N300 Setup Support page for help and complete setup procedures related to Belkin.

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