How to configure dual band N600 Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender model F9K1122 through an Ethernet cable?

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All Belkin range extenders can be easily self-configured by following few simple setup steps. Here’s the procedure to setup dual band Belkin N600 Wi-Fi range extender through a hardwired connection. The pre-requisites for this setup are the user ID & password of router, computer and an Ethernet cable.

Configuring a Belkin range extender requires no technical assistance if done with the help of its support procedure. Here’s the list of steps that will offer guidance while configuring Belkin N600 Wi-Fi range extender using a hardwired connection. Users merely need to follow the procedure in the given format and the range extender will be all set for use. The pre-requisites for configuring hardwired Belkin N600 range extender are as follows:

  • Network ID and passkey for connecting to wireless router. In case, of dual router the user ID and password will be required for the bands.
  • One laptop or personal computer
  • One Ethernet cable

After users have all the above listed pre-requisites, they may procedure to the following procedure for dual band N600 Belkin Extender Setup.

Steps for hardwired configuration of dual band N600 Belkin Wi-Fi network Extender:

  • Take the Ethernet cable and plug in its one end to the LAN port of computer. Connect another end of Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of Belkin range extender.
  • Connect your dual band N600 Belkin Extender to a working power outlet and turn On the power button for it.
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi feature of your laptop or personal computer.
  • Launch any of the updated web browsers and type http://Belkin.range as the URL in the search field. After typing the URL, press once the “Enter” key from the keyboard of your computer or laptop. If you unable to access the web setup page of Belkin through this URL, then type instead of the URL that was used earlier.
  • Once the web setup page of Belkin F9K112 opens up, locate the button labeled as “Get Started” and click on it.
  • Select the Wi-Fi network as 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz and click once on the “Next” button.
  • Users will come across a prompt window on the screen that will ask them to enter password for connecting to the network. So type in the password and click on “Next” to submit. Users may leave the password space blank in case their Belkin is configured to its factory default settings. User may ask for Belkin N300 Setup Support in case they require advanced help at any point of time while executing the configuration procedure.
  • Locate the button labeled as “Create Extended Network” and click on it. Soon after clicking, the existing network will be extended.

Now your Belkin N600 dual band extender will be configured and all set for using. While using the network range extender, users might come across wireless connectivity issues. Following is the list of reasons that lead to wireless connectivity issues.

  • Wrong wireless settings: The wireless settings of the configured network extender must be same as the Wi-Fi settings of existing router. Else, the extender will fail to connect with Wi-Fi. So, to avoid connectivity issues, make sure the wireless settings are done correctly.
  • Coverage range: Make sure the extender is placed within the network range of configured router. The increase in distance between the router and extender can lead to connectivity issues.
  • Network Congestion: In case you have multiple electronic Wi-Fi devices configured at your premises then there could be a change of network congestion if all of those devices connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Network congestion can lead to wireless connectivity issues with your Belkin extender. So to avoid congestion, try to minimize few of those connecting devices by disconnecting them from Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi obstructions: Many of the things like electronic devices, cemented walls, water tanks, wide wooden doors, etc. can act as an obstruction for wireless network. This can slow down the network speed and can even lead no connectivity at times. So, to avoid connectivity issues users must ensure no such obstruction lies within the Wi-Fi network.
  • Outdated or expired firmware version: If the firmware version of your Belkin Wi-Fi Range Extender is outdated, then you might come across connectivity issues with the Wi-Fi network. So, it is recommended to check and update the firmware version of Belkin extender to avoid connectivity issues. Belkin extender can self update its firmware. Still, in case the auto update fails then users may try to manually update its firmware version.

Hope you found the entire information easy to understand and implement. For more such information and help kindly keep in touch with Belkin support page.

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