How To Check The Wireless Settings Of Belkin Router Via The Web-Based Setup Page?

Belkin Router has already become very popular due to its brilliantly-designed features. However, sometimes, you might get confused in different setup procedures and likewise, if you want to check the wireless settings of Belkin router through the web-based setup page, then you should go through the following post.

Belkin N300 Wi-Fi N Routers is a safe and secure way for the connection of anywhere virtually in your home. Whether the user is emailing or video chatting, the brilliantly-designed router hosts incredible power and speed, as per your requirement. It has been designed for effortless setup and it is also equipped with Preset Security for which the secure wireless network would be up and would be running in a couple of minutes.

Belkin N300 Wi-Fi N Routers has been designed for effortless setup and it is featured with Preset Security due to which the secure wireless network would be up and operate in few minutes. The particular router has come up with the feature of an integrated Self-Healing application for resolving potential network issues on an automatic basis and keeping the connection hassle-free.

Belkin N300 Wireless Router- Features

The incredible features of Belkin N300 Wireless Router are as follows:

  • MultiBeam Technology provides the facility of the high powered signal.
  • It is capable of diagnosing and fixing network problems with the self-healing application of Belkin N300.
  • It is capable of streaming the best entertainment, accompanied by 300 Mbps data transfer rate.
  • The parental controls features of Belkin N300 Wireless Modem Router Setup prevent children from watching unwanted contents.
  • Belkin N300 Wireless Router has come up with a limited warranty of 2 years with 24/7 support from Belkin.

Checking of Wireless Settings of Belkin Router

Prior to starting the procedure, you have to ensure that the respective router is ON and it is connected to the computer via the Ethernet port of the router. However, a worth noting point here is that the steps might differ for a different model as well as the version number of Belkin router. The following steps are depicted for the Belkin F7D4301. You can know about Belkin WiFi Extender Setup by contacting Belkin customer support team.


  • First, you need to launch a web browser and then enter the IP Address of the router in the Address bar. Now, press [ENTER]. You have to remember that the Belkin router’s default IP address is In case it doesn’t work, you should check the respective router’s IP Address. You can contact the Belkin customer service in case you experience any difficulty in executing this procedure.
  • After the appearance of the prompts, you have to enter the Administrator Password of your router and now click Submit. In case you have not set a personalized password for the router, you should leave the field blank. Now, click Submit.
  • On the specific left navigation panel, you have to click Channel as well as SSID.
  • Next, you have to check for the SSID and write down it. It’s the name of your wireless network. Don’t forget this name.
  • In case you want to change the SSID of the network, you have to ensure to click “Apply Changes to save the new network name”.
  • The Broadcast SSID ought to be checked so that wireless devices can detect the wireless network of the Belkin router.
  • Now, you have to click Security on the left navigation pane.
  • Next, you have to search for the Pre-shared Key (in short, PSK) and note down of it. It would be the password for the connection of the wireless devices as well as computers to the network. You might also track the respective Security Mode.
  • If you tick the Obscure PSK option, then it will hide your Key’s characters. In case you want to view it, then you can simply uncheck the box. The wireless settings of the router are case-sensitive. You have to write down them correctly.

If you want to know about Belkin WiFi Range Extender, then you can contact Belkin customer support team.


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