How To Check The IP Address For Belkin N300 Setup?

Are you looking for your belkin router’s IP address? If yes, here is a procedure for checking the IP of Belkin router using various operating systems. Depending upon your device operating system kindly go through the respective procedure for checking the IP address.

The IP address of belkin router is required to access the web-based page for Belkin Setup N300. In case you wish to assign a static IP your belkin then you might require its default IP address. The default IP for all belkin routers is as: So, you can use this address while accessing the web setup page for belkin as well as for assigning static IP.

Before you start checking the IP address kindly go through the following connection setup:

  • Ensure the belkin is attached to your computer: If you are using hardwired connection then make sure that one end of Ethernet cable is tightly plugged in to the Ethernet port of belkin and another to the Ethernet port of your computer. Check whether the LED lights on the computer and belkin are glowing or not. In case the lights are not lit up make sure the connections are secure.
  • Set up the computer for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: Make sure the settings for TCP/IP features of Ethernet adaptor has already been configured on computer. It is important for auto-allocation of IP address.

Steps for locating the IP address of belkin router:

No matter whether you are using belkin alone or with N300 Wi Fi Range Extender the procedure for locating the IP will remain same. The steps will only vary according to the operating system of the computer attached to your router. Below is the list of operating systems along with the steps for locating the IP address.

1. Windows 10 operating system: If your device has Windows 10 operating system, then go through the following procedure.

  • Move the cursor to taskbar and click on the icon available for search.
  • Type “cmd” and press enter key.
  • An option for command prompt will open up and you need to click on it.
  • The command prompt will open up. There type in “ipconfig/all” and press down the enter key for once.
  • A list of all local area connections will open up. Under this list, the IP address given in front of “Default Gateway” is your router’s IP.

    2. Windows 8 operating system: If you are using Windows 8 operating system with Belkin N300 Setup, then kindly refer to the following steps:
  • Go to the Charms bar and click on the icon for Search. If the device has touch screen then swipe the screen to left and the Charms bar will open up.
  • Locate the option for “Command Prompt” and click on it.
  • A window for command prompt will open up. So, type “ipconfig/all” and hold down the enter key for once.
  •  Locate the option for “Default Gateway.” The IP in front of this option will be the IP of your router.

    3. Windows 7 operating system: Users with device having Windows 7 must go through the following steps:
  • Click on the icon for Pearl available at the desktop.
  • A search field will open up. There type “cmd” and press enter.
  • A list of results will open up. Click on the option with black icon labeled as “cmd.”
  • Type “ipconfig/all” and press enter in command prompt window once it opens up.
  • You will find the IP of your router in front of the “Default Gateway.”

    4. Windows XP: If are using device with Windows XP then kindly refer to steps given below. 
  • Click on the option for start and then click on the “Run” option present aside the option for “All Programs.”
  • A prompt will open up there type in “cmd” and press the “OK” button.
  • The command prompt with show up. There type in “ipconfig/all” and press down the key for “enter.”

    5. OS X operating system: If you are using device with OS X operating system then
  • Click on the icon for Apple and click on System Prefrences.
  • Locate the option for “Network” and click on it.
  • The Network screen will open up. Set the Location drop down menu to “Automatic.”
  • Select the option for “Ethernet” and locate the “Router” section for identifying the IP address.

So, this is all how you can locate the IP of belkin router from devices with various operating systems. Hope your device got covered under the listed operating systems. In case you face any problem while locating the IP, then visit Belkin N300 Setup Help page for advanced support steps.


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