An In-depth Review of Belkin Wireless N300 Router

Belkin Wireless N300 Router offers high-speed internet facility to its users so that their internet requirement can be fulfilled. However, in case you’re searching for a wireless router, then you should definitely consider the review of Belkin Wireless N300 Router and decide on your own.

With the advancement of the internet technology, almost every work has become internet-oriented. That’s why more and more people have become internet-savvy nowadays.

It’s obvious that in order to fulfill the internet requirement of the entire family, you need a brilliantly-designed and a top-notch router.

When it comes to the question of a best-in-class router, most of us want to go for a wireless option, isn’t it? The wireless option is easy-to-install as compared to its counterpart. Hence, you can consider Belkin Wireless N300 Router.

This particular router has already become tremendously popular because of its top-class features and functionalities. Let’s have a look why Belkin Wireless N300 Router is a number one choice of consumers.

If you’re thinking about the Belkin N300 Setup, the expert customer support center of Belkin will help you.

As per the report, the Belkin N300 wireless router is able to provide the fastest internet facility to the users. And it is the main requirement of every customer. No one wants to waste time in buffering videos or experience pause in the middle of an online session.

Specifications and Price of the Belkin N300 Router

You already know that Belkin N300 Router is a wireless router. And it doesn’t feature a modem. In total, Belkin boasts four models under the category of Wireless Routers as well as the Wireless Modem Routers.

Let’s discuss its topmost features:

MultiBeam Antenna: The Belkin N300 Router is featured with a multibeam antenna. And it greatly improves the overall wireless coverage. Owing to this exclusive technology, the signal reaches more than 30 feet of area.

This particular router is able to deliver stronger Wi-Fi technology throughput that provides long ranges as compared to conventional routers. That means the users of this brilliant router would get powerful internet coverage all around your home with a negligible number of dead spots.

Three-Step Setup Procedure: The three-step setup procedure of the Belkin N300 Router is meant for an easy yet fast installation procedure. You would be easily capable of setting up the router in the respective router on a virtual way and in less time.

You just have to plug in the router. And then you need to connect it to the respective network by using cable.

After that, it’s time to use the traditional browser-based infrastructure to end the installation procedure from any of your devices- computer, smartphone or tablet.

For the sake of the easy-to-handle WPS push button of this router, you can connect your devices in a secure way with only the push of a button.

Premium Security and Troubleshooting Attributes: The brilliantly-designed Belkin N300 Wireless N router is featured with WPA2 security as well as a built-in firewall feature. It provides a great protection to your network from unauthorized access and malicious threats.

Several other conveniences have also been added to provide incredible facilities to its users. The Belkin N300 Wireless N Router has come with an incredibly-designed pre-printed security card. It greatly saves the users from the inconvenience of the configuration of a network key on their own.

This great router boasts Self-Healing application that is able to detect and troubleshoot network issues automatically to make the connection free of hassles.

What will you get in the Package?

You will get Belkin N300 Wireless N Router, setup CD, networking cable, power supply, and user manual. The official cost of this wireless router is INR 3099 only.

You would get incredible experience while you would start working with the Belkin N300 Wireless N Router.

If you want to know about the Belkin WiFi Extender N300 Setup, then you can contact the expert team of Belkin.

The Installation Procedure

In comparison with the earlier line-up devices of modems and routers, the Belkin N300 Wireless N Router has streamlined everything. From the packaging, installation, and performance, you will get the optimum value of your investment.

The Belkin N300 router has come with the two cables that have been attached to it. The Belkin developer team has been simplified the process with three easy 1,2,3 labels.

The worth-noting point is that a naive user can even install this router without any difficulty. And the router would ready to use within less than two minutes. Even you don’t need to use instruction manuals because everything is so simple. It is a huge difference between the Belkin N300 router and other routers.

The Belkin N300 router boasts a significant minimalistic design. A single LED light turns into Green color if the internet service is working fine.

Once done with the initial two steps, the router would start working in a proper way. You can skip the last step in case you’ve manually entered the Wi-Fi password on the respective device. Or, you can insert the attached disk on all devices that require an automatic connection.

To know more about the Belkin Setup N300 Range Extender, you can contact the proficient Belkin team.

How is the performance?

The range and performance of the Belkin N300 Wireless N Router are better as compared to many routers available in the market.

The Bottom Line

In case you’re searching for a router or the combination of modem and router, you should choose the Belkin N300 Wireless N Router. The best part is its simple design and the easy-to-implement installation procedure.

The specifications of this router are mostly identical for each and every device in this category.

The one and only drawback of the Belkin N300 Wireless N Router is the limited installation option. It would be really great if Belkin will come with the option of wall installation option. But, now it is only available with the tabletop installation option. This limitation does not influence its popularity.


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