A Brief Review of Belkin Range Extender.

With the help of a range of up to 5,000 square feet, the brilliantly-designed Belkin Range Extender device enables you to take your laptop, tablet or smartphone just around anywhere and experience the Internet. In case ‘dead spots’ are present in the wireless coverage of your rooms or home leading to unavailability of a wireless signal, the incredible Belkin N300 Range Extender would be an ideal choice for you. It is an appropriate solution for having better Wi-Fi coverage.

If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi extender device, then the Belkin Range Extender device will be an ideal choice for you. You might know that the best wireless range extender depends on three primary prioritization and these include coverage of the long distance, easy setup, and fast throughput rate. The coverage means the entire area that is covered by range extension device and throughput is referred to as the transfer speed of total data. Belkin wireless range extender devices are the top-class devices and provide the facilities of all the above requirements for offering the best wireless signal output. If you want to know about the Belkin Range Extender Setup process, then you can take help of Belkin customer care.

Until now, Belkin has designed a total six different types of Wi-Fi range extenders. Each and every extender devices from Belkin are of top-class quality and have been designed with additional features and functionalities for providing you with top-notch connectivity and fast Wi-Fi signals.

Work Structure of Belkin Range Extenders

Belkin has come with a collection of range extension devices and all of these range extenders are capable of amplifying the existing wireless signal. These extender devices are helpful in creating an extended wireless network for speedy communication. All of these extender devices from Belkin are sleek in design and easy in utilization. And moreover, all of the extenders from Belkin, the incredibly-designed N300 dual band Wi-Fi extender is the best. Belkin N300 dual band Wi-Fi extender can be utilized for the extension of wireless range in your residential or commercial places. And this particular range extender device is capable of providing coverage to a large area owing to its dual antenna. It consists of the dual band with 150 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + 150 Mbps (5 GHz). N300 dual band Wi-Fi extender is incredibly compact as well as the easy-to-setup device. Moreover, this particular device would complement your decor. If you want to know about the Belkin WiFi Extender Setup process, then you can take help of the Belkin customer care.

This brilliantly-designed range extender device provides a great platform compatibility with Windows and MAC. It consists of the incredible security features with WEP/WPA/WPA2. And moreover, this particular device is capable of generating maximum Link rate up to 150 Mbps. It is featured with two external antennas for having the best coverage. The Belkin N 300 provides support to the 802.11.a/b/g/n network standards. It features one integrated switch along with one port.

How can you set up the Belkin Range Extender Device?

Prior to initiating the setup process, you have to make sure that the respective extender is ON and you hold the particular SSID or the wireless network name along with the Wi-Fi password. You have to implement the following steps for setting up the Belkin range Extender device wirelessly:

First, you have to plug in the respective range extender device in power inlet. Now, you need to make use of the Wi-Fi capable device and then locate and connect in Belkin.setup network. After getting connected to Belkin.setup then kindly continue the next step. In this step, you have to launch the web browser and then type http://Belkin.range. Alternatively, you can make use of for accessing the respective web-based setup page of the range extender device.

After you get connected, it’s time to open the “Get started” button and you have to click on it and it would start searching for your SSID. In this step, you have to choose the wireless network and then click on “NEXT” button. After getting connected, you have to enter the respective network password and then you need to click on “next.” You have to choose the network depending on the usability and then you need to repeat the previous step.

In this step, you have to select the network that you prefer to extend. You have to tap on “create extended network” button and then proceed further.

Now, the configuration process has now been completed for your Belkin Range extender device and voila! You’re ready to go.

If you want to know about Belkin WiFi Range Extender, then you can contact the Belkin customer care service.


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