What Is Belkin N300 Router?

The Belkin N300 Wi-Fi N Router is designed for enhanced performance. Built on Wireless-N protocol, this router significantly increases the speed of surfing, downloading and other online activities. It can be optimized to give up to 300 Mbps speed. It has options for Parental Control so that it can be connected or disconnected virtually. The router comes with a User Manual and Installation CD for easy and uncomplicated setup. It can be Setup even using any Smartphone, tablet or computer. It offers a strong signal strength that enables you to watch videos, surf the internet, send and receive e-mails, play games seamlessly. The Setup process is easy enough to make your Internet connection ready within minutes. There are Troubleshooting hacks and suggestions that will solve any difficulty within minutes.

Belkin WiFi Extender Setup

The router enables the user to add several networks together either by using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. It has built-in Firewall to protect the network from potential virus threats. Moreover, it works on all Windows or Mac systems. It has a Reset button that can be used to troubleshoot any complication. The Router can be set up either by using the Installation CD or manually. The additional setting of the Router offers the user to add additional computers and networks to the Router’s system. It provides the option for Guest Access so that temporary users won’t have to join the network while using the Internet connection. They will be able to use the Internet by providing the Username and Password of the guest network in the login page shown when they attempt to access the web.

How Belkin N300 Router Works?

Belkin N300 Router is based on Wireless-N protocol as opposed to Wireless-G. Wireless-N significantly increases the maximum rate of data transmission ten times of Wireless-G, from 54 Mbps to 600-900 Mbps. it increases security and improves other additional features.

The Belkin N300 Router is uniquely designed to reach a maximum speed of data transfer. It is firewall protected Router and uses Advanced User Interface. The Router has many advanced features, which allow it to perform better than other router brands.

How to Perform Belkin Router Setup?

The box contains one N300 Wireless N Router, Power supply attached to the router, one Ethernet cable attached to the router, User Manual, Belkin Setup CD and Network information card. To get started the first thing that is to be determined is where the router should be placed. The N300 wireless router should be placed next to the modem in an open location. It should be kept in mind that they are to be kept away from large metal made objects and equipment carrying magnets, like speakers. If possible, the Router should be placed on a raised surface, above the floor level. It will improve the quality and strength of the wireless signal.

Here are the steps for Belkin N300 Setup

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to connect the Router’s Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port of your modem on the back. The port may have a different label depending on the type of modem you are using. If this is the first time you are adding a router, you may find that the port is connected to the computer through an Ethernet cable. You can disconnect it from the computer and attach the router to the modem without worry.
  2. The next step is to connect the power supply plug to a wall electric supply socket and switch it on.
  3. Now, place the CD provided in the Box into the CD/DVD player. It should start the setup process automatically. If it does not, browse your Computer to locate the CD drive. The icon should read Belkin Setup CD. Double-click on the icon to open the CD.
  4. Click on the Setup icon to start the setup process.
  5. Follow through the steps and after the installation process is partially complete the software will ask for the name of the network and the password. This information can be obtained from the network information card that came with your Router. Keep that card secured under the Router base or in a safe place for future use.
  6. A screen showing the progress of your installation will pop-up and additionally required software will be installed. After a few minutes, when the installation is complete, a message will appear indicating the success of the installation. This indicates that your Belkin Router has been connected to the internet and you are good to go.

Once you complete the basic setup options will be available to you to change your network name, password and security type from the Advanced Settings option. You can personalize settings like your network name, password and wireless security strength from Network Name and Security. If you have changed your network service provider or moved residence then Internet Service Provider & Login settings options can be used to make necessary changes without going through the setup again.

To know the current status of the Belkin Router and to access and change settings, you can use Belkin Router Manager. The settings can be accessed by clicking on the Router icon and selecting from the menu. The front lights of your router show the status of the Router as well. If there is a blue light, it indicates that your computer is connected to the Router and the router, in turn, is connected to the Internet. If the light becomes amber then it means that your computer is connected to the Router but it is disconnected from the internet.

Other wireless devices, computers, Wi-Fi printers and gaming consoles can be connected to the Belkin Router in a few easy steps. It can be done either by using the CD provided or manually.

How To Perform Belkin Router Setup Using CD?

  1. Insert the Belkin Router Setup CD into your CD/DVD player. If the CD does not Auto-play, browse your computer to find the CD drive. Double-click to open the Belkin setup CD icon.
  2. From the CD menu, click on the Setup icon.
  3. Follow the steps 5 and 6 as described above and your setup is complete.
Belkin Router Setup

Setting up the Belkin router using the Setup CD

This setup software runs only on Windows and Mac OS X systems. If you do not want to set up using the CD to add additional devices, it can also be done manually.

How to manually setup a Belkin wireless router?

  1. You just have to locate wireless network connections option from your computer wireless device and select Belkin Router from the available networks list.
  2. Then, you would have to enter the password provided to you. The Router will take a few seconds to connect to the network.
  3. You can try again if the connection is not successful on the first try but if you are still facing difficulty connecting to the network even after trying several times then you should try the ‘troubleshooting’ options.
  4. A prompt will appear on the screen where you might have to choose the security type, which can be retrieved from the card provided to you in the product box.
Belkin Setup

Manually Configuring the Belkin Router

How To Perform Belkin Range Extender Setup?

If you are unable to access internet in the remote areas of your house, then that is because of the limited range of your Belkin router. You will have to add a Belkin WiFi Range Extender to the mix to enhance the wireless signal range. There is nothing complicated about setting up a Belkin WiFi Range Extender with Belkin router.

Steps for Belkin WiFi Extender Setup:

  1. Plug your Belkin range extender into a wall outlet.
  2. As you do so, you will have to connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device to the default SSID of your Belkin Wi-Fi Extender. The default SSID is ‘Belkin.setup’.
  3. On your computer, launch a web browser and enter ‘http://Belkin.range’ in the address bar.
  4. A setup wizard will open. If it doesn’t, then enter ‘’ in the address bar.
  5. Click ‘Start Setup’ option.
  6. If you wish to bypass the setup wizard, then click on ‘Manual Setup’ link, which you can find at the bottom of the page.
  7. Now, select your wireless network name. If you wish to extend a dual-band router, then select both wireless network names.
  8. If the wireless network isn’t on the list, click ‘Refresh’ icon to update the list.
  9. Enter your wireless password and click ‘Next’.
  10. Now, you will be taken to ‘secure your range extender’ page where you will have to enter a preferred ‘admin password’ to access the extender’s settings. If you want, you can create a hint password as well. Once that is done, click ‘Save’.
  11. Belkin extender will restart now. Wait until the LED turns blue after which, you will have to connect the wireless client to extender’s network name. Check if the ‘Next’ button turns green or not. If it does, click it.
  12. With that, Belkin extender setup process is complete. Click on Belkin.Range setup page to access the web-based setup page along with updating the settings.

How To Login To Your Belkin Router Account?

  1. Once you connect your Belkin router to the modem, you will have to connect the router to the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  2. As you do so, turn on your computer and then, launch a web browser. Type in the default IP address in the address bar, i.e., ‘’.
  3. Click ‘Login’ button followed by entering your username and password. If you haven’t changed the login details, then enter the default ones, otherwise enter the ones you’ve created. Then, click ‘Submit’ button.
  4. Find the option that says ‘Internet WAN’. Once found, click on it and then, click ‘Connection Type’.
  5. Select the correct ‘Connection Type’ followed by clicking ‘Next’. If you don’t know the right ‘Connection Type’, then consult your ISP for the same.
  6. Enter the details provided by your ISP and then, click ‘Apply Changes’.
  7. That sums up the Belkin router login process. Now, you can access the web interface of your Belkin router without any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Belkin setup CD not starting automatically

It may sometimes happen that when you insert the CD for setup, the Belkin Setup doesn’t start automatically. It might be due to the settings of your computer. Maybe its configuration does not support Autorun external memories. To troubleshoot this problem, you may try Setting up your router manually by browsing to the CD-Rom of your computer and opening the icon named ‘Belkin Setup. There is an alternative to this operation. You would have to open your browser and type http://router in the address bar and then set up the software manually. This is a relatively minor problem and can be solved easily.

Cannot Find My Router On Belkin Setup Page

It may sometimes happen that the setup is unable to recognise the Router while installing the software. There are a few easy steps that you can follow and check to troubleshoot this issue. First, you have to ensure that the wireless hardware, if available, is powered on. Next, you should try to use your Ethernet cable to connect your computer with one of the wired ports on your Router. Please ensure that your Router is switched on which will be indicated in the front panel light. Switch off the power supply and unplug it. Now, you have to wait for ten seconds and put the plug on again. You should also check whether your computer’s Firewall is preventing the connection of your Router. If that is the case, the firewall can be turned off temporarily until the setup is complete. If this too fails then the Belkin Router can be installed manually following the steps described earlier.

Unable to connect to the internet after Belkin setup N300

Are you not able to connect to the internet despite setting up Belkin N300 router in the right way? Here is what you are going to do to resolve the issue.

  1. First of all, there are suggestions for troubleshooting within the Belkin N300 setup which you can refer to.
  2. Make sure that the Username and Password that you have typed in your ISP is correct. Sometimes, the ISP domain may be needed to be typed along with your username.
  3. If everything is fine, yet you are experiencing no internet connections go on to set up the Router manually.
  4. Even after completing the installation process, sometimes you may see that you cannot browse the Internet. In that case, you will have to take help of official Belkin support.

Amber Light Blinking On Belkin Router

If you find that the front panel light of the router is blinking amber, then that means, something is not right. Your router is experiencing issues and you can’t access the internet as well. To troubleshoot this problem you need to ensure that your Router is connected to the modem through the WAN port with an Ethernet cable.

  1. Unplug the router from the power supply and plugging it back on may fix the issue. You should wait 10 seconds before you re-plug it so that the router re-establishes the communication with the modem.
  2. If the front light is stable and amber in color, you need to follow all the above instructions as well as determine whether you have a static connection.
  3. If it is a static connection, you should have an IP address, gateway address and subnet mask assigned by your ISP.
  4. Re-run the Belkin setup and enter all these information when prompted. Your Router may need additional configuration to meet the requirements specified in your ISP.
  5. You can get help on the specific issues of ISP from Belkin knowledge base at http://www.belkin.com/support and search with the keyword ‘ISP’.

Network Name Not Appearing On The List

  1. If you find that your network name is not appearing on the network name available then the first thing that you need to make sure is that your Belkin router is switched on and the panel light is solid blue.
  2. Check if you are too far from the Router because if you are, then there will be signal issues.
  3. You should also turn ‘Broadcast SSID’ on. To do that: type http://router/ on the address bar of your browser > visit the site > open Channel and SSID page > turn on Broadcast SSID.
  4. If you have a slow or inconsistent wireless connection, or you are suffering from a weak signal and facing difficulty to maintain a VPN connection, you need to ensure the distance between the devices.
  5. The wireless technology you are using is a radio-based technology and thus its performance and signal strength depend on the distance between the devices.
  6. Presence of large metal objects may also hinder proper signal strength, so make sure the router is away from such objects.

Difficulties with WPS and WEP security settings

  1. To troubleshoot this issue you should first open your web browser, then type http://router/ in the address bar.
  2. Click the ‘login’ option followed by entering your password when prompted.
  3. Now click submit button, which will bring up a new page where you will click ‘wireless’ and then, ‘security’ on the drop-down menu.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose the ‘WPA/WPA2’ option and then, enter a password of 8 to 63 characters including spaces and punctuations.
  5. Click ‘apply changes’ to finish the encryption of the wireless connection. Now, anyone using your network connection will have to enter a new security key to access the web.

If you are facing difficulty setting up wired equivalent privacy or WEP, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Open your web browser and then, type http://router/ in the address bar.
  2. Click the ‘login’ option followed by entering your password when prompted.
  3. Press submit button and you will see a new page where you will have to click ‘wireless’.
  4. Click ‘security’ on the drop-down menu and then, choose the ‘128-bit WEP’ option.
  5. Now, you should enter a WEP key manually or generate one using passphrase. As you generate a key and then, click on ‘apply changes’ to finish the setup. With that, you have an encrypted network in no time.

How To Reset Belkin Router?

  1. You need to find ‘Reset’ button on the Belkin Router, which is located on the back of the router.
  2. Push the button using a paperclip or pin for 10 seconds or until you see all the LEDs flashing at once.
  3. As the LEDs stop flashing, the light on power LED will change from solid to blinking. With that, your router will be reset to factory defaults.

Resetting the router via web interface

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and enter ‘’ in the address bar.
  2. Click ‘Login’ button and then, enter the router’s password in the correct field followed by clicking ‘Submit’.
  3. Go to ‘Utilities’ window and then, click ‘Utilities’ tab.
  4. Select ‘Restart Router’ from the list of options.
  5. Click ‘Ok’ to confirm that you are looking to restart the router. Click ‘Ok’ again and you will see the router restarting. You will also see the user interface on your computer’s screen upon the completion of reset process.
  6. Select ‘Restore Factory Defaults’ from Utilities Window to start restoring router’s settings to factory defaults.
  7. Click ‘Restore Defaults’ button and then, click ‘OK’.
  8. Click ‘OK’ once more to begin the restore process. Once the router’s settings are restored to factory settings, you will see the router’s user interface.

Contact Information For Belkin Router Support

There are several options for technical support for your Belkin Router.

For US Citizens

  1. If you are living in the US, you should visit http://www.belkin.com/support, for online solutions. You can find solutions to your technical problems by entering your model number or browsing through categories on this page.
  2. You can also visit ‘common questions’ section where you get solutions to most common router setup related issues.
  3. There is also a live chat support system available 24X7. They have a knowledge base for user guides and FAQ’s.
  4. You can reach out to Belkin community to find answers to many problems befalling Belkin router.
  5. The company is active on Twitter as well, so you can get in touch with the experts via their Twitter handle, i.e., @belkincares. You can get assistance regarding product purchase, claims and returns.

The US residents also have a special provision to have additional support in exchange for a minimal fee. They have several plans from $9.99 to $39.99 depending on the requirement of your problems.

For UK Users

If you are living in the UK or other European countries, visit http://www.belkin.com/uk/support, where all the facilities are available including the community support and forums. Here, they also provide a list of country based headquarters for further contact and assistance.

For Citizens Down Under

If you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand, then visit http://www.belkin.com/au/support for any technical issues. It provides similar services that have been mentioned earlier. They have 24X7 on call and chat service. Their response time is commendable in public forums as well.

For Singapore Users

If you are a citizen of Singapore, then call on the toll-free no 1800-622-1130 for technical support.